Google admitted to one creepy form of censorship on a journalist

Big Tech has proven to be adversarial to free speech.

The West is experiencing establishment elites squeezing tech platforms to rein in discussion.

And Google admitted to one creepy form of censorship on a journalist.

Piers Morgan has again run afoul of the “woke” mob.

He quit his show Good Morning Britain amid backlash for saying he didn’t believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they made multiple scurrilous claims against the Royal Family.

Now Morgan is sounding the alarm on Google blocking ad revenue of an article where he criticized gymnast Simone Biles.

Morgan wrote in The Daily Mail:

“I discovered something shocking; Google, the tech behemoth at the centre of the internet universe, had quietly put an advertising block on my column eight hours after it was posted on This meant they banned all adverts from appearing alongside it, so the Mail would receive zero revenue from the column appearing on Google. This is a big deal. Google and Facebook have a virtual monopoly on online advertising revenue, hoovering up 80% of the entire market between them.”

The story gets much worse.

Not only did Google refuse to buy ads, but the company blocked others from doing so.

Morgan continued:

“[T]his is the first time it has ever performed such a draconian blanket ban on all advertising around my column, actually disabling its service for facilitating ads.

Google’s excuse was that the article included “dangerous or derogatory content.”

But it gets even worse.

Google said the “dangerous or derogatory content” was in the comments section.

A Google spokesperson said:

“Our systems detected racist content in the comments under a recent MailOnline article from Piers Morgan so we blocked ads from showing against the article in accordance with our policies.”

So if an article includes derogatory statements from anonymous users in the comments section, then Google can block virtually all advertising on the site.

Big Tech platforms are wielding considerable amounts of power, and they’re doing so in irresponsible ways.

The establishment will do anything it can to rein in discourse, even on innocuous articles like Morgan’s.

Now that more people are aware of the censorship that’s taking place, alternative services need to be created to skirt these gatekeeping chokepoints.

Otherwise, a handful of companies will be able to stifle conversation.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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