Going after Rep. Anna Paulina Luna didn’t end well for The Washington Post

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A never-ending stream of Pinocchio for Republicans has made the Washington Post the so-called “fact-checkers” of choice for the Biden White House.

However, more often than not, it’s the noses of WaPo writers that are growing.

And going after Rep. Anna Paulina Luna hasn’t ended well for the Washington Post.

The Washington Post was just forced to apologize for ‘comical’ alleged hit piece on freshman GOP Congresswoman

In an alleged effort to combat so-called, “misinformation,” social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, selected a few supposedly “reliable” sources to fact check all political content posted on the sites.

All of the “fact-checkers” have been approved by leftists like Mark Zuckerberg and the Biden administration.

Among the select Left-wing groups are Snopes, Politifact and the Washington Post. WaPo has a dedicated fact-checking service on their website.

Run by long-time Lefty “journalist,” Glenn Kessler, their slogan is, “The Truth Behind The Rhetoric.”

However, Republicans insist that WaPo fact-checking and all their “Pinocchio” tracking is nothing more than an excuse-making machine for Democrats and woke organizations.

Alleged hit piece against Republican Congresswoman was so bad WaPo actually issued a rewrite

Last week, the Post published a hit piece designed to make Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida into the next George Santos.

Rep. Santos of New York is a Republican who, after winning a competitive election, was discovered completely fabricating his entire resume and life story.

Rep. Luna is the first-ever Mexican-American woman elected to Congress from the Sunshine State and as a freshman who just flipped former Gov. Charlie Crist’s blue seat red, she is a quickly rising star in the GOP.

So, of course, The Post was bound and determined to take her down.

The Freedom Caucus member also has an inspiring life story that she has talked about on the campaign trail.

One of her most intriguing stories was surviving a home invasion while serving her country in the U.S. Air Force.

In the hit piece, WaPo’s Jacqueline Alemany incorrectly reported that the police report indicated that only Luna’s then-roommate was home at the time of the break-in.

However, the truth is, the roommate was the only one who spoke to police after the invasion but Luna was indeed home at the time.

The Post also said Luna was recently a Democrat and that those close to her are surprised by her sudden embrace of conservative-populism.

Luna maintains she’s never been a Democrat and added WaPo reporters only spoke to family members who haven’t known her for many years – despite the fact she made friends and family who know her much better, including her mother, available.

Throughout the entire hit piece, WaPo used selective sources and quotes to make Luna look like a phony – with Alemany even questioning things like Luna’s grandmother dying of AIDS, her dad being incarcerated, and surviving an armed robbery at none-years-old.

Stop the presses!

But in the end, The Post had to admit it was the story that was proven to be a phony.

Alemany and her paper have been forced to issue not one, but two full corrections to the supposed, “report” – essentially re-writing the entire article in the process.

Luna called the article, “comical,” upon first reading it.

“Holy shit the Washington post just tried to claim my dad was never incarcerated, left out comments from my mom, said I was a registered Democrat, and did not report a convo they had with a former roommate, and interviewed “family” I don’t talk to,” Luna tweeted. “This is comical.”

However, upon further consideration, Luna now realizes how dangerous “reporting,” like this is.

“As I’ve said before, and as the Washington Post has clearly showcased, anyone who is a conservative minority is a threat to Leftist control,” Luna told Fox News Digital. “They can try to discredit me, but unfortunately for them, the facts completely blow their story out of the water.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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