Globalists just got some bad news about one creepy project

The elites can feel their grip on power loosening ever so slightly.

That’s why they are working so hard to crush any populist movements around the world.

And globalists just got some bad news about one creepy project.

Globalist elites like Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have openly expressed envy over the fascistic powers of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

They lament the fact that the CCP can trample over human rights or property rights or any other concerns to get projects done.

One of the ways that the CCP maintains control is through a mass surveillance state.

Similarly, Google was attempting to build a heavy surveillance area in Toronto as a proof of concept for a “smart city,” but the project appears to have fallen apart.

Breitbart reported that “earlier this year, Toronto announced the development of a new development in the ‘quayside’ area in the heart of the city. The announcement marks the final nail in the coffin of Google and its Sidewalk Labs division’s plans to turn the neighborhood into a ‘smart city’ full of surveillance technology to track residents’ every move…Sidewalk Labs proposed a flashy tech hub with an optimized urban layout, including robo-taxis, heated sidewalks, autonomous garbage collection, and a digital monitoring layer that would track everything from street crossing to park bench usage.”

If anyone was on the fence about the dangers of a “smart city,” the COVID regime should have made it clear that such a project would be nightmarish.

The restrictions implemented by petty tyrants across the globe would have been enforced more stringently with mass surveillance everywhere.

Breitbart added that “if the development had gone ahead it would have been proof of concept establishing a new development model that Sidewalk Labs hoped to expand to cities across Canada and the United States. The aim was to prove that the same sensor-filled smart city model that has been embraced in countries such as China and the Persian Gulf could be used in more democratic societies. Instead, Sidewalk Labs spent two-and-a-half years pitching a neighborhood that no one wanted to live in. By May 2020, Sidewalk Labs pulled the plug on the project citing ‘the unprecedented economic uncertainty brought on by the covid-19 pandemic.’ But, the cancelation also came after years of controversy over its $900 million vision for a data-rich, constantly tracked city.”

The COVID regime got away with tyranny imposed in the name of keeping people “safe.”

It’s terrifying to imagine what they could have done with Smart City technology.

People who don’t comply could simply have their electricity turned off.

That’s the future that the elites want – a society where people who don’t comply can be thrown in a digital gulag.

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