Globalist leader issued one warning that will have you pulling out your hair

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Global elites have made a huge mess of things.

And they are still grasping for more power.

And one globalist leader issued a warning that will have you pulling out your hair.

The world is still reeling after the COVID pandemic devastated much of the world.

Governments implemented draconian lockdowns of businesses, schools, parks, and even churches.

People were also forced to take an experimental vaccine.

In addition to that, public health experts lit their credibility on fire.

One such organization was the World Health Organization, which misled the globe by telling people that the Wuhan virus was not airborne. 

UN medical czars are seeking unlimited power again

The WHO at best, naively took the Chinese government’s word for it, or at worst, aided China in the coverup.

Now, WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus, who goes by Dr. Tedros, is already fear-mongering about “Disease X,” the next global pandemic.

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Dr. Tedros said, “There are things that are unknown that may happen, and anything happening is a matter of when, not if, so we need to have a placeholder for that, for the diseases we don’t know…We lost many people [during COVID] because we couldn’t manage them…They could have been saved, but there was no space. There was not enough oxygen. So how can you have a system that can expand when the need comes?” 

This placeholder pathogen could be 20 times deadlier than COVID, which if true, would put the case mortality rate at roughly 1%.

Are they trying to smear Elon Musk with “Disease X” label?

Disease X is the perfect excuse to push for more global governance.

Dr. Tedros continued, “The pandemic agreement can bring all the experience, all the challenges that we have faced and all the solutions into one…That agreement can help us to prepare for the future in a better way. This is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come into the way.”

In other words, give globalist entities like the WHO more power, and they will protect the globe from Disease X.

Prior to the Monkeypox outbreak, such a virus had been predicted at a biosecurity conference in Munich, Germany.

These globalist groups have a habit of projecting pandemics, so news of Disease X should not be taken lightly.

Dr. Tedros added, “It’s better to anticipate something that may happen because it has happened in our history many times, and prepare for it. We should not face things unprepared; we can prepare for some unknown things, as well.” 

Hopefully, COVID was not a dry run for what could come next.

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