Globalist Bond villain wants to make one crisis worse for an insane reason

The international Left are attempting to consolidate power.

They believe that this is their moment.

And one globalist Bond villain wants to make one crisis worse for an insane reason.

The globalist institution known as the World Economic Forum (WEF) is not even hiding the ball.

They openly talk about their plans to put more power in the hands of elites at the expense of citizens.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab is not at all bashful about his goals.

In fact, he recently said that gas prices—which have hit a record high in the United States—need to go higher in order to protect “democracy.”

The WEF stated in a paper that “it is among the world’s richest and largest economies – the Group of 20 (G20) – where the association between freedom and greenness is most striking. G20 countries with greater political rights and civil liberties tend also to have greener policies and economies. In comparison, countries that are less free are ‘browner’…This relationship between democracy and greenness matters, as what happens in G20 economies has important implications for the future of the world economy, including curtailing climate change and other global environmental risks.”

This is a terribly reasoned argument.

Correlation does not equal causation.

The globalists have convinced themselves that “greenness” led to more democracy.

But in reality, Schwab and the WEF have it backwards.

When countries like America and other countries of the west get so rich and pampered, they adopt a set of “woke” beliefs, environmentalism being one of them.

It’s like when leftists try to argue that unions are the silver bullet that saved the country and built middle-class prosperity.

If that were the case, then all developing countries would have to do is unionize and suddenly their country’s wealth would explode.

This is the justification for hoping gas prices go higher; so the WEF can go further down the road of green policies.

There’s no consideration for the fact that the country has reached a breaking point with regard to gas prices.

The WEF continued, “First, leading democracies should agree to end the underpricing of fossil fuels, which is the principal factor preventing a clean energy transition. The underpricing associated with producing and burning coal, oil and gas amounted to $5.9 trillion in economic costs in 2020. Nearly a quarter of these losses – $1.45 trillion – occurred in 48 major and smaller democracies.”

They are open about wanting people to struggle in order to bring about their utopian “green” fantasies.

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