Glenn Beck just warned a top conservative about a bone-chilling effort to silence Americans like him

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Leftists abandoned any semblance of tolerance for freedom of speech.

But with November looming, they’ve only just begun.

And Glenn Beck just warned a top conservative about a bone-chilling effort to silence Americans like him.

Glenn Beck and Canadian-born psychologist, best-selling author, and conservative commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson are both known for their willingness to use their intellect and courage to speak truth to power. 

And for that, there are few people in America with bigger targets on their backs.

But now Beck has just sent Dr. Peterson a dire warning about the latest censoring effort coming for the 12 Rules for Life author and any conservative who speaks out against a top Biden priority. 

Glenn Beck was a radio host and then television host who got so sick of being told what he could and couldn’t cover that he launched his own media company, The Blaze. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson was a clinical psychologist and university professor who sacrificed his entire professional career when the Canadian government decided it would dictate not only what the doctor couldn’t say – but more importantly to him – what he must say. 

Peterson is now a noted author, podcaster, and Daily Wire host. 

He also travels the world, astonishingly selling out auditoriums with people paying to hear him lecture. 

Together, Beck and Peterson have a reach to millions of loyal fans who get to hear a perspective outside of the leftist-approved phony narrative. 

But now Beck is using his massive platform to expose a new effort to specifically target him and Dr. Peterson. 

Don’t question the climate crisis

On his program on Blaze TV, Glenn Beck blew the whistle on new censorship, singling out supposed “climate denial” as “hate speech.” 

According to Beck, the silencing effort is being spearheaded by a self-proclaimed British “watchdog” group known as The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). 

Beck says CCDH is looking into “new climate denial.”

“Old denial” includes saying that “global heating is not currently happening” and that “burning fossil fuels is not the cause.”

Those beliefs are already censored by Google and YouTube – both owned by Alphabet. 

“New denial” covers the broader ground, like challenging the green globalists’ favorite so-called “solutions” for the supposed “climate crisis” or suggesting that people within the “climate movement” can’t be trusted. 

Beck is reporting that the CCDH wants Big Tech companies “to update policies to keep up with new forms of climate crisis denial along with removing financial incentives, and reducing its reach and visibility – and limit the monetization of any content that goes against the global elites’ narrative.”

“Now, I’m not sure how questioning the global elites is a form of ‘global hate,’ but apparently now it is,” Beck said in a video release. “Because, that guy at the CCDH [Chief Executive Imran Ahmed], has spoken, and the White House will partner with him.”

Beck then highlighted the British organization’s connections to President Joe Biden – including putting together a hit list of supposed “disinformation” spreaders. 

“Remember, this is one of the White House’s go-to experts on ‘disinformation,’” Beck emphasized. “It’s a good thing the White House doesn’t have a record of telling social media companies who to censor, right? Oh wait, we just learned in the Twitter Files, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for years.”

You may not have long to watch

In a study, CCDH specifically named Dr. Peterson as a promoter of “new denialism.” 

They cited his podcast videos titled, “The Great Climate Con” and “Killing the Poor to Save the Planet.”

It should be noted that both of those Peterson videos have already been flagged on YouTube with content warnings and then slapped with green “context” messages that link to the United Nations. 

Under the “Context” label, the messages include a definition of climate change from the United Nations, reading “Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.”

Meanwhile, Beck was also flagged for comments he made on his show. 

Here is the offending statement from Beck that caught the CCDH’s attention: 

“They don’t care about saving the planet, they know climate change is not going to kill millions around the world,” Beck previously said. “This is all about gaining power and control over you … they are using this so-called emergency to justify a reset.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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