Glenn Beck dropped jaws with this bone-chilling prediction

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Americans see more evidence almost daily of the bullseye left-wing forces have painted on conservative, independent, and counter-narrative voices.

And now they’ve come for one of the loudest voices in the conservative movement.

And Glenn Beck dropped jaws with this bone-chilling prediction.

Glenn Beck’s rise to fame

Glenn Beck was building an audience on the AM airwaves for several years before his CNN Headline News show planted him firmly on the national scene in 2006.

Beck made waves with his unique brand of television hosting.

Two years later, he left CNN for Fox News Channel and became one of the leading voices of the conservative movement.

In 2011 Beck and Fox News parted ways, leading to the eventual birth of Beck’s own television network, The Blaze.

While hosting his own tv show, Beck also continued his radio program and added a podcast as well.

The Glenn Beck Program has been one of the best-performing conservative podcasts on iTunes.

However, that could all be changing.

Glenn Beck gets the Jones treatment

This week, Beck took to Twitter to drop a bombshell about his podcast archive on iTunes.

“All of my podcasts have been removed from Apple/iTunes with no explanation,” Beck tweeted along with an accompanying video.

He added that his podcast had no strikes on the platform and his team was given no explanation.

“We found an issue with your show, The Glenn Beck Program, which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts,” Beck reads from iTunes in the above video. “Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts. They sent us a link and said, ‘For more details, go to the link.’ And the link only says ‘Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.’ Well, we got that one, dummy.”


Just call him Glenn “Nostradamus” Beck

Later in the day, Variety reported that the episodes were back on iTunes.

According to Variety, iTunes said it was a copyright error that caused the issue.

However, Beck predicted the company would say as much.

Before iTunes returned his programs to the platform, Beck sent an email blast to his supporters.

“I’m sure they’ll come back and say this was caused by some kind of ‘glitch.’” Beck wrote. “But I’m also sure that these “glitches” are going to become more and more common as we get closer to the election. Big Tech will do everything it can to silence anyone trying to tell you the truth. They do not want you listening to me or people like me.”

The first half of Beck’s prediction has already come true.

Time will tell if the second half of that prediction turns into a reality as well.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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