Glenn Beck blew the lid off of the globalists’ censorship scheme by revealing this surprising truth

Glenn Beck has made a career off of shining a spotlight on the Left’s schemes.

With Democrats in control, he’s got plenty of targets.

And he just blew the lid off of the globalists’ censorship scheme by revealing this surprising truth.

The pandemic has turned into the biggest political power grab in generations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech have launched an all-out war against anyone who punches a hole in the Left’s narrative.

Anyone that questions the Fauci cultists is pushing “misinformation” or a “conspiracy theory.”

Even if things like masks and lockdowns not working later turn out to be true.

As more and more sources of information outside the bubble of Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media, like Joe Rogan, break through, the harder they’re doubling down.

Glenn Beck exposed the purpose of the Left’s totalitarian censorship schemes on his show.

He said, “Who decides what misinformation is? As you know everything, everything that we’ve ever reported on is called, if it exposes them, is called misinformation, conspiracy theories or whatever.” 

“How much of it do they now have to admit, yeah okay that was true. Look at the president’s impeachment, look at COVID, look at the mask thing,” he remarked.

“The press, the reason why they’re coming after us and people like Joe Rogan. The elites know they’re about to lose control. It’s a race to the finish line.  Can they build the cage before too many animals wake up?  We’re waking up at quite a rapid pace.  Can we get there before the cage for all of us has been completed?  It’s not complete yet and you still can stop it,” he added.

“The media has got to stop people like Joe Rogan, people like us. We have more people watching us on this show than CNN. They’ve lost it,” he concluded.

Beck was proven right about the censorship scheme by the global elites by the Freedom Truckers in Canada.

A massive convoy of Canadian truckers took over the capital of Ottawa to protest COVID mandates.

The Canadian government was building a totalitarian “cage” of mandates and a massive grassroots protest said enough.

The government has tried everything to break the protest from pressuring GoFundMe to cancel their funding to using terrorism laws to seize truckers current funding.

The corporate-controlled media branded them with every bad “ism” and attacked for the dangerous opposition to mandates based on “conspiracy theories.”

But the trucker’s protests proved Beck right about the elites losing control.

Provinces in Canada began to abandon pandemic restrictions despite the national government’s insane attempts to keep hysteria going.

Censorship is about keeping the tightly-crafted narratives pushed by the elites going.

The truckers defiantly broke through and forced at least some governments to back off.

With the public ready to get back to normal life, the elite’s censorship won’t be enough. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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