“Girl Dad” Prince Harry just appeared in a so-called sketch that will give you nightmares

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are relentlessly pandering to the “woke.”

They have been virtue-signaling on nearly every single societal issue.

And “Girl Dad” Prince Harry just appeared in a so-called sketch that will give you nightmares.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been chasing the spotlight for years, and that culminated in the jaw-dropping Oprah Winfrey interview when they accused the Royal Family of racism.

Ever since, they have doubled down on virtue-signaling, supporting progressive causes, and wading deeper and deeper into the Left’s “disinformation” battles. 

Harry is even part of a censorship-loving globalists group known as the Aspen Commission on Information Disorder, which sets out to find the roots of “disinformation” and have them removed from social media.

And he told an audience at the RE:WIRED tech conference last year that he’d warned then Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ahead of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that the platform was “allowing a coup to be staged.”

Now, Harry has acted in a sketch that served as a PSA to “normalize” the idea of increasing surveillance in the name of the radical environmentalist movement.

The video was put out by Travalyst, a nonprofit organization that Harry started to promote “greener” travel.

In the video, Harry dons a “girl dad” shirt – so viewers know right up front he’s got leftist street cred – and gets roused by creepy bureaucrats who accuse him of littering.

The pencil-pushers have been surveilling Harry and allege he dropped a small wad of paper on the ground during a beach trip in New Zealand.  

They proceed to grade him on his behavior toward the environment during his beach trip.

In the end, he scores kudos for not leaving the water running while brushing his teeth in the hotel, so the officials stamped Harry’s arm with a “star rating” for traveling sustainably.

Even though the sketch is played off as a joke, the elites are dead serious about imposing these Chinese-style social credit scoring regimes on everyone.

And they see providing a social credit score based on sustainable travel as the first step implementing the draconian schemes across the West.

Australia and New Zealand were home to some of the most draconian lockdowns during COVID, so the authoritarian impulse is already there.

People were put in quarantine camps, and chased down by police officers if they broke curfew.

Radical environmentalists would love to do the same in the name of climate change.

In fact, during the pandemic, some progressive journalists said that lockdowns helped heal the environment because people were cooped up inside and not driving their cars.

Companies are now being judged by their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores regarding their commitment to “woke” goals.

Climate hysterics view radical environmentalism as a system of control, and ESG provides an enforcement opportunity.

The great irony of Harry appearing in the ad is that he and his wife globetrot in a private jet that guzzles an obscene amount of fuel.

The elites don’t believe that the rules apply to them.

They’re encouraging people to eat bugs while they enjoy gold-flecked steaks.

Right now, the agenda is couched in a goofy sketch.

At some point, the state will be enforcing it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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