George Soros was one of the lone losers in a night of Democrat victories

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President Joe Biden and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have been wringing their hands in recent weeks over fears about their White House and Senate hopes in 2024.

However, Democrats just had a big night that’s giving the Grand Old Party some causes for concern.

But it wasn’t a winning November night for all Democrats – just ask billionaire socialist George Soros, one of the Left’s lone losers.

Recent polling data out of swing states and job approval numbers have Democrats concerned about President Joe Biden’s ability to win re-election in 2024.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Senate map isn’t friendly for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Democrats will have to defend nine seats that are either open or where the incumbent is considered by political experts to be potentially vulnerable.

On the other hand, the GOP will be defending only two seats that could be considered somewhat competitive – and so far, zero open seats.

But Democrats received a jolt of hope this week with the blue team scoring wins in the handful of states with 2023 off-year elections, after the RINO-wing of the Republican Party once again tried to appeal to Democrat voters they weren’t going to win, and as a result failed to energize the base.

Soros loses hundreds of thousands of dollars on losing campaign

But Republicans were able to find at least one silver lining – and it came at the expense of billionaire socialist George Soros.

Soros was a financial backer of the sitting Commonwealth Attorney in Loudoun County, Virginia, Buba Biberaj.

Biberaj is the prosecutor who took a Loudoun County dad to court after he spoke out at a school board meeting about the district covering up his daughter being sexually assaulted by a transgender in a school bathroom.

“She is one of the most evil people I ever met,” dad Scott Smith said on Fox News after he was pardoned in September. “Unfortunately, I had to deal with her face to face with the prosecution of the sexual predator of my daughter. She needs – we need to vote her out.”
And voters in Loudoun County did exactly that.

Former prosecutor Bob Anderson has claimed victory in the race, where he was outspent by Biberaj’s campaign by nearly a 10-to-1 margin, $680,000 to just Anderson’s $69,000.

“There is no current path to victory for Buta Biberaj and we look forward to waiting for the due process to run course,” Anderson tweeted. “I am confident the results will remain the same, and look forward to serving as your next Commonwealth’s Attorney.”

The race was razor thin with Anderson leading by about 1,000 votes.

For her part, Biberaj has refused to concede despite the fact that – according to local news reports – she would need to win virtually all of the late-arriving mail-in ballots if she hopes to win the election.

“I just am not at the position where I can make a decision on a recount until I see what the data is,” Biberaj said. “I have to figure out whether it’s in the realm of possibility. We tell people that their vote counts. So, we have to make sure that we count their votes.”
Loudon County officials say, thanks to mail-in voting, a final count may not be finished until early next week.

Soros: Making America unsafe again

Soros has spent tens of millions of dollars to elect criminal-friendly District Attorneys and attorneys general across the country.

Those woke DAs then decline to prosecute crimes they feel could be the result of a supposed “social construct.”

In the name of “social justice,” the AGs team up with leftist, mayors and governors to enact early release and cashless bail laws.

Those elements have resulted in rising violent crime rates, riots, retail theft, and grand theft auto rings, making every American less safe.

Soros has also spent millions getting woke radicals elected to state Supreme Court benches throughout the United States.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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