George Soros puppet just admitted something insane about COVID

The pandemic has been disastrous for the entire globe over the past two years.

And elites are milking the crisis for all it’s worth.

But one George Soros puppet just admitted something insane about COVID.

In 2020, it was forbidden to suggest that the Wuhan virus emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Instead, everyone was supposed to believe that the virus came from a wet market across the street from the level-four biohazard lab that was studying coronaviruses in bats.

Two years later, the narrative gatekeepers have been forced to loosen their stranglehold on COVID’s origins.

And George Soros puppet Jeffrey Sachs, a leftist economist and director of the Center of Sustainable Development at Columbia University, admitted that he believes the virus came from a lab…in the United States, not China.

Sachs essentially echoed the talking points of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda minister, which is par for the course for Sachs, who was named “China’s Apologist in Chief” in 2021 by National Review.

Sachs said, “I’m pretty convinced [COVID-19] came out of U.S. lab biotechnology, not out of nature—just to mention after two years of intensive work on this. So it’s a blunder in my view of [U.S.] biotech, not an accident of a natural spillover.”

Even Dr. Tedros, head of the World Health Organization, allegedly said that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab after a bad accident in late 2019.

The WHO is in China’s pocket, so if they believe China was at fault, it’s safe to assume they were.

The CCP’s propaganda outfit immediately jumped on Sachs’s words.

Hua Chunying, China’s assistant foreign affairs minister, tweeted, “Don’t the US and [the WHO] have any interest in looking into this? Given the heavy human and economic toll taken by the virus, don’t we owe it to the millions of lives lost to have a thorough investigation into US labs?” 

His words are laughable considering that the CCP would not allow any transparent investigation into the lab.

America’s involvement leads back to Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NAIAD funding gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab through EcoHealth Alliance.

Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance Director Peter Daszak have tried to obscure that fact, but hopefully at some point they will actually have to answer for what they did.

The wet market theory is falling apart.

Now it’s time to hold people accountable for one of the biggest scandals in modern history.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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