George Soros just doubled down on a bone-chilling “integrity” shutdown scheme ahead of Election Day

Conservatives have long sought to make it as easy and secure as possible to vote and as hard as possible to cheat.

But Democrat networks will do anything to put their thumbs on the scales as the clock ticks down on voters casting their Midterm ballots.

And George Soros just doubled down on a bone-chilling “integrity” shutdown scheme ahead of Election Day.

George Soros is spending tens of millions of dollars on social media to shutdown election integrity.

Democrats say questioning controversial election results makes you a clear and present threat to democracy, but they’re already doing it again ahead of  the Midterm elections that could see them booted from power.

In fact Hillary Clinton claimed in a video released in recent weeks that “Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next Presidential election.”

But you can guarantee that message won’t be getting shut down by the Soros-backed effort to ensure there will be no questioning of elections Democrats win on social media.

Billionaire leftist financier George Soros has spent a considerable chunk of his fortune funding a network of Democrat groups trying to censor election content they deem deceptive. 

Election integrity is a threat to democracy? 

Since the incredibly questionable results of the 2020 election, Republicans in state legislatures have worked hard to pass election integrity laws. 

Ten U.S. states have imposed stricter voter identification requirements.

Eighteen states have passed laws adding restrictions of some form to mail-in ballots. 

And seven states have enacted laws that facilitated the delisting of voters who should no-longer be on the rolls.

However, according to President Joe Biden and the rest of his Party, these efforts are nothing more than an attempt to keep minorities from voting. 

Why it would be more difficult for a minority to comply with these regulations as opposed to a white person is anyone’s guess – in fact, it sounds kind of racist to suggest such a thing. 

When Georgia passed its package of election integrity laws, President Biden, Stacey Abrams and all their colleagues, along with their friends in Big Media cried, “Jim Crow 2.0!” 

In reality, the Peach State primaries saw record turnout. 

And the early voting numbers in Georgia are also outpacing previous years to the same point. 

But if you think the facts will put to rest the Left’s false flag of GOP suppressing minority voters, you’d be very wrong. 

Democrats are still claiming any questioning of an election result showing a Democrat victory is “misinformation,” or “disinformation.” 

They say it “undermines democracy” – despite the fact that we live in a constitutional republic.  

Of course, they also say showing up to the polls and legally casting your ballot for a Trump-endorsed Republican also undermines democracy – which makes one question if they understand the meaning of the word “democracy.” 

And Democrats are turning to their allies in Big Tech to try and shut down any speech about Democrats not playing 100% fair in elections.

Soros is trying to buy more elections  

In fact, Newsbusters is reporting George Soros gave nearly $18-million to the group Global Witness. 

The group pressures social media companies like Facebook and TikTok to flag supposed, “misinformation” posts questioning election results.

And Big Media is playing along and giving Global Witness millions more dollars’ worth of free press. 

The Associated Press, the New York Times, Fortune, The Hill, and The Guardian all recently ran with a Global Witness propaganda piece, disguised as an investigation, complaining about a lack of censorship on Facebook and TikTok. 

The so-called, “investigation,” went on to lavish praise on Google’s YouTube for taking down ads George Soros doesn’t like and suspending channels that run them. 

Americans will find out Tuesday, November 8 if Soros and his millions have enough influence to sway the election results in his desired direction. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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