George Soros dispatched a top BLM shill to push the elites’ Chinese-style censorship regime

The global elites will do anything to enforce their authoritarian agenda on America.

And the left-wing financier Georg Soros’ tentacles are deeper in the Democrats’ propaganda and censorship machine than anyone thought.

Because George Soros just dispatched a top BLM shill to push the elites’ Chinese-style censorship regime.

The Left is unified on stopping any threats to power

George Soros just gifted The Washington Post with something special ahead of November’s Midterm election. 

And the corporate-controlled press is enamored with the top Black Lives Matter shill he sent their way. 

Now all she has to do is sell the elite’s Chinese-style censorship regime. 

The Washington Post is busy implementing Democrats’ get out the vote strategy with one conveniently timed “whistleblower” story calculated to whip up terror in their sheeple with a fresh injection of Trump phobia. 

As Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Special Committee witch hunt is floundering and failing to deliver on taking down Donald Trump once and for all, The Washington Post delivered a distraction in the form of Anika Collier Navaroli posing as a Twitter “whistleblower.”

Of course, the paper conveniently overlooked Navaroli’s ties to leftist billionaire puppeteer George Soros. 

Color of Change, a Soros-funded leftist organization that claims to be the “nation’s largest online racial justice organization,” noted that Navaroli was its Senior Campaign Manager in 2017, no doubt a resume bullet point that landed her a spot on the team that created Twitter’s partisan censorship program. 

Rather than admit that she was showing up just in time to provide an election season distraction from Joe Biden’s trainwreck of a presidential administration, Navaroli provided a song and dance about how she had to overcome the “terror she felt” that was holding her back from revealing the “extremism and political disinformation on social media pose an ‘imminent threat not just to American democracy, but to the societal fabric of our planet.’”

Of course, the “societal fabric of our planet” Navaroli was referring to is a net leftist central planners are using to control the entire globe. 

Elites like Soros and friends are terrified by Donald Trump’s plans to drain The Swamp. 

After all, they are the puppeteers behind establishment politics in Washington, D.C. and in power centers around the globe. 

Elites can’t handle Americans thinking for themselves

In their view, there’s no greater threat than the average Americans who stuck a sign in their yard—or painted Trump’s name across the side of an entire barn—and took a stand for old fashioned American values like freedom and protecting our constitutional rights. 

Prior to making a splash just in time for a Midterm election distraction, Navaroli was known merely as an “unidentified former Twitter employee “ who testified before the January 6 Special Committee in what is increasingly looking like a campaign to push through a Chinese-style social credit scoring system in every aspect of American life. 

According to the unhinged leftist, Twitter ignored, “false and rule-breaking tweets from Donald Trump for years because executives knew their service was his ‘favorite and most-used … and enjoyed having that sort of power.’” 

Of course, there was a time when the “rules” in America involved letting other people have their say and judging them based on what it revealed about the content of their character. 

But that approach simply won’t work for busybody leftists who can’t handle the idea that average people might be able to think for themselves just fine.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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