Gavin Newsom’s latest move just sent a disturbing signal to American voters

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Countries all over the globe plan to hold highly important elections this year. 

With this in mind, the powers that be have gone to extreme lengths to ensure they hold onto power. 

And Gavin Newsom’s latest move just sent a disturbing signal to American voters. 

The forces of the Left have gone into overdrive to ensure political success this year

Many political experts have already deemed 2024 as one of the biggest years in human history for democracy. 

Voters in nations all across the globe have already or will head to the polls to determine the future of their respective countries. 

The EU, the United Kingdom, and the United States have particularly high-profile elections coming up. 

Political leaders in these nations and political entities have gone into overdrive to make sure they hold onto power. 

For example, Vera Jourova, who serves as the Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency, spent the month of May meeting with Democrat politicians and Big Tech executives across America. 

Many Americans, and Europeans for that matter, have no clue who this bureaucrat is, however, a closer look reveals the immense power that she wields. 

According to her page on the European Commission’s official website, her responsibilities include, “Ensuring the democratic system is open, transparent, protected from external interference.”

More concerning, Jourova oversees and supports “work on countering disinformation and fake information, while preserving freedom of expression, freedom of the press and media pluralism.”

Last week, Jourova visited California Governor Gavin Newsom on her whistle-stop tour of America. 

She tweeted about the visit on X, saying “Great pleasure to meet Governor of California @GavinNewsom at the #GenerativeAI Summit in #SanFrancisco.”

“Good exchange on EU & #California’s approach to digital laws, incl. on #AI.  (EU flag emoji) and (US flag emoji) should work closely together to harness opportunities of AI & minimise the risks,” the European bureaucrat added on X. 

Jourova also visited with the CEOs of X, Netflix, and Google to discuss her strategies to prevent so-called “disinformation.” 

Following her meeting with X CEO Linda Yaccarino on May 30, Jourova tweeted, “We had a good talk w/ @X CEO @lindayaX. Now it is time for X to walk the talk and apply their commitment to protecting free speech, elections & countering #disinformation.”

Jourova’s tweet then added, “I count on predictability & consistency both in complying w/ EU law and enforcing #X own Terms of Service.” 

So-called “disinformation prevention” represents a massive part of the Left’s political strategy this year 

Many political experts have attributed the Left’s recent electoral success to their ability to monitor and even silence online speech that conflicts with their political agenda.

Taxpayers in both the EU and the US have forked over billions to support these initiatives, which many fear unfairly targets those on the right. 

As the EU and US elections inch closer, experts warn that so-called “disinformation prevention” campaigns will escalate. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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