Gavin Newsom just drove another celebrity out of California and was compared to this slimy animal in the process

Government of California, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has his eyes firmly set on a political promotion. 

But he might be better served focusing on his current job. 

Because Newsom just drove yet another celebrity out of California – and he was compared to one slimy creature in the process. 

Say goodbye to Hollywood 

Hollywood has long been home to extreme left-wing celebrities. 

And it still is. 

However, actors, singers, and athletes who are conservative – or simply just have some common sense – are pulling a page out of Kurt Russell’s filmography and escaping L.A. 

In fact, Russell and his long-time girlfriend Goldie Hawn are actually considering a move. 

The couple’s home was burglarized twice in a four-month span. 

“What if we couldn’t live in L.A, where would we live,” Hawn told Kelly Ripa during an interview. “We both decided, I think it’s Palm Desert (California). It’s so safe. It’s just because L.A. is terrible.”

While the Overboard stars consider a move – many other stars have already fled the Golden State. 

Mark Wahlberg, Jeremy Renner, Rob Schneider, Joe Rogan, Kanye West, Chris Hemsworth, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Busy Philipps, and many others are now calling new states home.  

And now, a new comedian is adding his name to the list. 

Adam Carolla is ready to exit California 

Jimmy Kimmel’s former trampoline buddy on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, Adam Carolla, isn’t a traditional conservative. 

But he has no time nor patience for the Left or the woke outrage mob. 

And now he doesn’t even want to live near them anymore. 

The former host of Love Line was recently a guest on Sage Steele’s podcast.

During the interview, Carolla announced he’s getting the U-Haul ready to be the next to leave California. 

“I have twins in their senior year of high school, and I didn’t want to uproot them,” Carolla explained. “But people always ask, ‘When are you leaving?’ And I say, I will be attending their high school graduation in a U-Haul.”

The comedian knows he wants out of California – but he hasn’t quite made up his mind where he’ll next call “home sweet home.” 

“Moving out of L.A. to somewhere like the Carolinas or Nashville was once unimaginable,” Carolla said. “This isn’t me cheating on you for another woman. This is ‘I hate you so much. I’m moving into a motel room and not dating for six years.’”

Carolla added that Florida and Texas are also possible landing spots. 

One thing all of those states have in common – they’re all red states. 

Adam Carolla vs. Gavin Newsom 

And Carolla wasn’t shy about letting viewers know who broke his camel’s back. 

Steele asked Carolla his thoughts on California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom – and the right-of-center comedian didn’t mince words. 

Carolla called Newsom a “narcissistic douchebag.” 

But that wasn’t enough – Carolla commented on Newsom’s empty rhetoric by describing the woke Governor as a “sociopathic, narcissistic, empty bag.”

And not even the writer of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” could have come up with Carolla’s next line. 

Carolla then compared Newsom to a “slippery eel of nothingness.” 

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Newsom’s eventual Presidential campaign. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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