Gavin Newsom forced a teeth-gnashing decision on this right-wing YouTube star that left his fans stunned

Democrats have moved wildly to the Left over the past five years.

The sociopolitical tilt of the Party is having real-world consequences.

And Gavin Newsom forced a teeth-gnashing decision on this right-wing YouTube star that left his fans stunned.

Right-leaning libertarian YouTube pundit Dave Rubin is throwing in the towel on California.

Rubin tried to stay in the Golden State and claw back the progressive drift to the Left, but Governor Gavin Newsom and the state legislature that rubber stamps every leftist priority drove him into the arms of Florida.

For the first time ever, California experienced net negative migration out of the state in 2020.

Rubin isn’t the only high-profile person to leave the state.

The Daily Wire moved its operation to Nashville, Joe Rogan moved his podcast to Austin, and Elon Musk also moved Tesla to Austin.

Countless companies are following suit as California is ranked dead last in regulatory policy.

California also has the highest state income tax at 13.3%, and lawmakers want to push it to a whopping 17%.

California also wants an exit tax for people who leave the state.

Rubin said of his move:

“Gavin Newsom is an unbearable tyrant, who dared to extend his emergency powers and then immediately take a $200,000 vacation…Then he was just on The View promoting his children’s book…what emergency? And the people seem to want more of this.”

Rubin also explained that the last straw for him was the despicable coordinated Democrat smear campaign against Larry Elder in his recall effort against Newsom.

The entire Democratic machine conspired to hammer Elder with slander and scurrilous accusations.

At the moment, California is not salvageable.

The progressives will have to completely ruin it before common sense takes over, but that isn’t happening any time soon.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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