Gaslighting Hunter Biden lawyer just tossed the Twitter shakeup chessboard

Democrats thought they had a monopoly on the flow of information.

Now, they’re in absolute panic mode over what comes next.

And this gaslighting Hunter Biden lawyer just tossed the Twitter shakeup chessboard.

There’s a new boss at Twitter, and the employees are throwing a fit.

The board accepted Elon Musk’s godfather offer to buy the company for $44 billion and take it private.

And the “woke” employees at the company are not handling it well.

Top Twitter lawyer Vijaya Gadde spearheads (for now) the company’s Trust and Safety team, meaning she controls the company’s content policies.

Gadde was one of the employees who was hardest hit over the news of Musk’s acquisition.

Following Musk’s purchase of the social media company, Gadde called in the company’s policy and legal teams for a virtual meeting on the new ownership and what it would mean for them, according to a report by POLITICO.

And what followed was a complete meltdown with Gadde coming to tears.

“Gadde cried during the meeting as she expressed concerns about how the company could change, according to three people familiar with the meeting. She acknowledged that there are significant uncertainties about what the company will look like under Musk’s leadership,” POLITICO wrote.

It didn’t take long for people to point out the absurdity of Gadde expressing concerns over Musk’s arrival.

Saagar Enjeti, co-host of the anti-establishment podcast and Youtube show Breaking Points, tweeted out about the fact that Gadde was responsible for the platform suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Enjeti also mentioned Gadde’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

During the episode, Gadde appeared alongside then-CEO Jack Dorsey.

Rogan had recently interviewed Dorsey and received heat for not sufficiently grilling him. So he invited Dorsey back and brought on independent journalist Tim Poole to question him, along with Gadde, about bias on the platform.

Poole pointed out that Twitter is biased in favor of the Left.

When Gadde objected and asked for evidence, Pool pointed out that someone on the platform would get banned for saying that men are not women, meaning the progressive position is the enforced standard.

Gadde had no good answer to Pool’s argument.

Gadde’s perspective is indicative of the deep leftist bias within Twitter.

Over 99% of political donations at the company went to Democrats.

Musk has his work cut out for him.

Like players who overturn the chessboard when it’s clear they’re losing, radical leftists are well-known for being basically large children who throw tantrums when things don’t go their way. 

So to avoid internal sabotage, Musk may have to purge the ideological terrorists within Twitter who refuse to uphold the principle of free speech.

Meanwhile, leftists from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C. are scrambling to ensure they’re able to clamp down on conservative’s speech everywhere else they have authority.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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