Freedom of the Press means nothing if you call a top Biden lieutenant this one “wrong” thing on Twitter

It turns out the truth is incredibly controversial these days.

The Cancel Mob had a fit after this Conservative outlet called out Joe Biden’s administration for making a ridiculous claim.

And Freedom of the Press means nothing if you call a top Biden lieutenant this one “wrong” thing on Twitter.

Want to get banned from Twitter? Try using the “wrong” pronoun.

You won’t believe the ridiculous stunt these elite “politically correct” white guys are pulling now.

According to the liberal narrative, white men are born oppressing women and snatching opportunities from their grasp.

Or, rather, we should say Republican white men.

Guys like Joe Biden or Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would never do anything like that.

Or would they?

Well if you want to get banned from Twitter, try using the “wrong” pronoun.

PJ Media called them out on Twitter writing, “Rachel Levine Is Not the ‘First Female Four-star Admiral Because He’s a Male.”

What? A white guy is taking credit for a significant female milestone? You’d think those guys constantly apologizing for being born male would be aghast.

Instead, Dorsey’s company shut down PJ Media’s account making it clear, “that in order to access our account we would have to delete the offending tweet, thereby admitting we had violated a Twitter rule, purportedly the one that bans ‘misgendering people,’” Paula Bolyard wrote in an article on the company’s website.

She added, “You can read all about it on their page outlining what it considers to be ‘hateful conduct.’ Misgendering is lumped in with death threats, references to mass murder, and Nazi imagery. (It’s funny that you never seem to hear leftists complaining about being banned from Twitter for calling for Trump’s death or for attacking Christians and Jews. I wonder why?)”

It is ironic that Rachel Levine can identify as a woman and the full force of the Biden administration and corporate America is there to support Levine.

Yet, Matt Margolis, the author of an article that went along with PJ Media’s so called “offensive” tweet somehow isn’t allowed to identify as a person who believes Levine is full of crap.

It’s a clear double standard cut down party lines—and apparently ferociously defended for fear common sense and logic might appeal to people if it were turned loose on the world.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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