Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld slammed Big Tech for this ridiculous censorship decision

Big Tech giants have become more brazen with their censorship.

Most anything that isn’t echoed by so-called “mainstream” news outlets is labeled as “misinformation.”

But now Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld slammed Big Tech for this ridiculous censorship decision.

Greg Gutfeld isn’t a stranger to edgy humor and sarcasm.

He routinely uses his primetime Fox News show Gutfeld! to call out corporate media hacks and leftists for their hypocritical viewpoints.

And now he’s set his sights on Big Tech.

On a recent airing of his show, Gutfeld revealed how YouTube censored a video involving a discussion about treatments for COVID-19.

In the since removed video, evolutionary biologists Dr. Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Korey were discussing the benefits of the drug Ivermectin in treating the symptoms of COVID-19.

Ivermectin, although not yet endorsed by mainstream medical professionals, has been lauded by some as a possible treatment for severe COVID-19 cases.

But apparently YouTube can’t tolerate two well-respected professionals discussing viable alternative treatment options for a deadly virus.

Gutfeld laid into YouTube, sarcastically saying that a “harmless chat between two medical professionals [was] dropped faster than Brian Stelter’s jaw outside a corn dog factory. Now, this is happening as other tech Titans are cracking down on speech. They are the new sensors. These ministers of information can turn the spigot on or off at will. They did this with the lab leak story [and] also with Hunter Biden.”

Gutfeld reveals the frightening power Big Tech has over what information gets published and who sees it. 

If YouTube possesses the power to take down a video of two qualified medical professionals simply having a conversation about how to treat COVID-19, censorship of alternative viewpoints by Big Tech giants will only get more and more draconian.

As Greg Gutfeld puts it, “welcome to the USSR, or at least a tinier version of it.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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