Fox News could be done if radical Biden nominee gets to enforce her terrifying vision on speech

Everything is going wrong for Joe Biden these days.

He’s desperate to deflect criticism of his failing regime.

Now his latest radical nominee has a terrifying vision for Conservative speech.

Joe Biden was presented by corporate-controlled media as a moderate who would unite the country.

He’s been anything but – instead jamming radical leftists into every level of government.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is in charge of regulating television, radio and the internet.

The current makeup of the FCC has two Republican and two Democrat commissioners with an open seat for chair.

And Biden wants to install Gigi Sohn, his most radical nominee yet, to chair the FCC and give Democrats total control.

Sohn would be in the position of regulating the media and that should terrify Conservatives based on her past statements.

She is a hardcore progressive activist with ties to George Soros who has publically called for Conservative media to be censored.

In a Tweet she said that Fox News was state-sponsored propaganda and that it “has had the most negative impact for our Democracy.”

She followed with calling for a hearing into the network.

She has called for the FCC to look at pulling the license of the Conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group which owns local affiliates of the major broadcast networks.

“Misinformation” and “hate speech” need to be cracked down on online according to her.

This is code for any speech that radical leftists don’t like.

A former FCC attorney under Obama, with her as chair, the FCC would be unleashed to censor Conservative media.

And with the Biden regime collapsing we can expect him to try to silence regime critics any way he can.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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