Fireworks erupted in Congress when Jim Jordan attempted to make this one move while Merrick Garland was in the room

With Merrick Garland on Capitol Hill this week, Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee had questions.

But Joe Biden and his administration have been working overtime to snuff out anything that doesn’t align with the official narratives radical leftist’s are pushing.

And fireworks erupted in Congress when Jim Jordan attempted to make this one move while Merrick Garland was in the room.

The Biden administration is actively trying to silence parents who dared criticize their local school boards.

Parents across the country are letting their school boards know that they’ve had it with the leftist brainwashing going on in schools.

In response to the uprising, Joe Biden and the Democrats have attempted to silence these parents by mobilizing the FBI and equating concerned parents to “domestic terrorists.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland is overseeing the effort to snuff out these parents’ criticisms and Democrats in Congress asked him to come to Capitol Hill for a dog and pony show.

It was meant to give the Attorney General and Democrats cover on the administration’s insane attack on free speech but it didn’t go as planned.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan saw to that.

Jordan has been vocal about his disgust with the Biden administration’s attempt to criminalize parents for trying to protect their children.

This past week Jordan had a prepared video that included clips of news coverage about parents objecting to Critical Race Theory and other leftist topics being taught in schools.

When Jordan attempted to introduce the video during his opening statement at a House oversight hearing, Democrat Representative Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania rose to object to the showing of the video.

Committee chair, Democrat Jerry Nadler cited the committee’s rules and claimed they require a 48-hour notice before showing a video during a committee meeting.

Jordan, along with other members of the GOP, noted that this so-called “rule” was never voted on by the whole committee.

But the Left isn’t letting something like a vote get in the way of their censorship – especially not when they know the information is damaging to their radical agenda.

After having his video censored, Representative Jordan noted that censorship appeared to have become the norm on the left.

Jordan also noted that the investigation into school board meetings clearly suggests the DOJ had become politicized under Joe Biden, something Biden vowed wouldn’t happen while campaigning in 2020.

Democrats tried to stop Jim Jordan showing his video during the hearing with the Attorney General but another GOP member wasn’t about to get shut down.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie had questions for Merrick Garland about the FBI’s role in the events at the Capitol on January 6.

Massie held up his tablet and simply played the video.

The Left knows the only way to get its communist policies through and the American people under its control, is to censor anything that flies in the face of its views and the official narrative.

They’re going as far as trying to censor videos in congressional hearings.

It’s inevitably only going to get worse from here.

But as Thomas Massie showed, freedom-loving Americans want to make their voices heard and they won’t lie down and be muzzled by the leftists.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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