Federal Judge dealt out a reality check to future lawyers who tried to dress him down

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College campuses are the nucleus of “wokeness.”

All of the bad ideas ruining society started at a university.

But a Federal Judge just dealt out a reality check to the future lawyers who tried to dress him down.

There are countless examples of college students having a conniption whenever a conservative gets invited to speak.

Peak insanity kicked off in 2017 when far-Left “woke” students essentially occupied the campus at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and presented a list of demands to the school president.

At one point during the takeover, students escorted the president to the restroom so he couldn’t slink away; he was effectively being held hostage.

While few campus freakouts have reached that level of absurdity in recent years, the “woke” activists on college campuses are just as unhinged and emotionally fragile.

Stanford Law students melted down when a Trump-appointed judge showed up

And at a Stanford University event hosted by the conservative Federalist Society, Stanford Law students staged a protest and a walkout when Trump-appointed Judge Kyle Duncan appeared to speak.

The students constantly disrupted the speech to the point where a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusivity) administrator showed up to “protect” the students and emotionally blackmail Judge Duncan.

DEI administrator Angela Steinbach arrived at the classroom and said, “We believe that the way to address speech that feels abhorrent, that feels harmful, that literally denies the humanity of people, that one way to do that is with more speech, and not less…And not to shut you down or censor you, or censor the student group that invited you here. That is hard, that is uncomfortable, and that is a policy and principle that I think is worthy of defending, I think, even in this time.”

After suggesting Duncan’s speech was “abhorrent” and “harmful,” she tried to play victim on behalf of the students and guilt Duncan into leaving.

Stanford DEI administrator’s statement pretending to support free speech seemed like a veiled threat to students who stayed

Steinbach said, “Is the juice worth the squeeze? … Is it worth the pain that this causes and the division it causes? Do you have something so incredibly important to say about Twitter and guns and COVID that is worth this impact and the division of these people who have sat next to each other for years?”

More than half of the students walked out after Steinbach’s speech.

After the derailed event, Duncan said, “In my view, this was a setup, she was working with students on this…It would be nice if they reached out to me and said, ‘Gee, we’re sorry’…I told [students] this is not going to work in a courtroom, this way of disagreement. Maybe that’s where we are going as a society, but that doesn’t work in my courtroom.”

Behavior is “not going to work in a courtroom”

Duncan is completely correct.

If Stanford Law students cannot handle a guest speaker with an opposing viewpoint, they won’t be able to function in a court of law or any other real-world setting.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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