FBI gunned down man who threatened Biden after one surprising tip

Photo by SSGT WILLIAM W. MAGEL via Wikimedia public domain

Public figures get hit with threats all of the time.

But some of them turn out to be serious.

And the FBI gunned down one man who threatened Joe Biden after a surprising tip.

Donald Trump got booted from every single major social media platform after the Capitol Hill riot.

After the Trump purge, Twitter competitor Parler became the most downloaded app in the world, but the app was kneecapped by Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Apple and Google, which dominate the smartphone market, pulled Parler from their app stores, and Amazon yanked web hosting services from the Twitter competitor.

The surface reason given was that Parler did not monitor “hate speech” and threatening language well enough.

In reality, the establishment wanted to strangle Parler in the proverbial crib.

Trump later launched Truth Social, which ironically caught threatening language directed at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and turned the information over to the DOJ.

The Truth Social tip led the FBI to 75-year-old Craig Deleeuw Robertson, who was gunned down during an arrest attempt.

Trump’s Truth spotted the threat, acted to protect prosecutor and the President

Robertson, who lived in Provo, Utah, also reportedly threatened to kill Joe Biden before his trip to Utah.

Breitbart reported that Truth Social tipped off the FBI after the message about Bragg.

“I’ll be waiting in the courthouse parking garage,” Robertson is alleged to have begun the message about Bragg.

The message continued with a threat to “smoke” the DA.

Bragg is currently preparing a case against Trump for a dubious campaign finance violation.

Robertson later wrote on social media, “I heard Biden is coming to Utah,” and added that he was prepping his “M24 Sniper Rifle.”

Some criticized the FBI’s handling of the arrest.

Conservative commentator and former Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter wrote, “I cannot think of a good tactical reason for not waiting until this old man was outside doing errands and then swarming him. No, you can’t make violent threats and not expect to be arrested. But that doesn’t mean you set up the most dangerous kind of arrest possible, one that almost invites exactly what happened.”

The FBI shooting is currently under investigation.

The bureau released in a statement, “The FBI takes all shooting incidents involving our agents or task force members seriously. In accordance with FBI policy, the shooting incident is under review by the FBI’s Inspection Division. As this is an ongoing matter, we have no further details to provide.”

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