Facebook was forced to apologize after one unbelievable error

Big Tech has gotten away with seizing a significant amount of power.

These giant Silicon Valley firms hide behind their algorithms and proprietary secrets.

But Facebook was forced to apologize after one unbelievable error.

Facebook uses a combination of artificial intelligence and content moderators to censor speech on the platform, but a huge AI blunder brought the whole process into question.

The New York Times recently reported that “Facebook users who recently watched a video from a British tabloid featuring Black men saw an automated prompt from the social network that asked if they would like to ‘keep seeing videos about Primates.’”

Apparently, the Facebook algorithm – or some Facebook content moderator – thought black men looked like apes.

Of course, don’t tell the woke Left that all humans are technically categorized as primates.

“On Friday, Facebook apologized for what it called ‘an unacceptable error’ and said it was looking into the recommendation feature to ‘prevent this from happening again.’ The video, dated June 27, 2020, was by The Daily Mail and featured clips of Black men in altercations with white civilians and police officers. It had no connection to monkeys or primates,” The Times further reported.

For a company that pretends to be “progressive,” this is a gigantic mistake.

It also raises concerns about what other algorithmic manipulation is taking place.

For example, the social media site Pinterest flagged pro-life posts as “pornography.”

The only reason this came to light was because an employee just so happened to be pro-life.

Facebook isn’t the only platform to have this AI problem.

More from The Times:

“​​In one example in 2015, Google Photos mistakenly labeled pictures of Black people as ‘gorillas,’ for which Google said it was ‘genuinely sorry’ and would work to fix the issue immediately. More than two years later, Wired found that Google’s solution was to censor the word ‘gorilla’ from searches, while also blocking ‘chimp, ‘chimpanzee’ and ‘monkey.”

These are the tech oligarchs that wield so much power.

And they’re largely accountable to nobody.

They essentially buy off the Left by promoting woke “progressive” ideals, which makes them yet another partisan institution.

On top of that, Facebook has opened itself up to litigation by banning Donald Trump from the platform.

There are also serious privacy concerns roiling for the company.

Facebook has shadow accounts for people who have never signed up for the service using a network of their contacts.

The bottom line is that Facebook is a mess and they’re going to be reined in by Congress if they’re not careful.

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