Facebook users seethed about last week’s outage but they’ll lose their minds when they find out what this mistake cost them

Blood is in the water around Facebook.

How much of it is their own doing? No one knows.

But as Facebook users seethed about last week’s outage they’re about to lose their minds when they find out what this mistake cost them.

Facebook experienced a major outrage that shut down all of its products for six hours last week.

Many found the timing suspicious, coming just 24 hours before a company “whistleblower” testified before Congress.

And with Big Tech companies like Facebook long suspected of – and on occasion have even acknowledged – working with the Deep State, those suspicions are sure to grow in wake of the latest Facebook controversy.

In the aftermath of the outage last week, hackers supposedly attempted to sell Facebook user data on online forums, putting 1.5 billion users’ security in jeopardy.

From TechRepublic:

“Privacy Affairs said that the data was allegedly obtained by scraping publicly available data shared by Facebook users. The fact that the data stolen and for sale is publicly available shouldn’t ease anyone’s fears: That data can still be used to compromise users’ security and privacy. In particular, the stolen data contains names, email addresses, locations, gender, phone numbers and Facebook User ID information. Each bit of that data could clue an attacker into password challenge answers, allow them to intercept one-time login codes, phish, send scam text messages and more.”

The selling of data may not be related to the worldwide outrage, but the timing couldn’t be worse for Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal has published a series of hit pieces about the company’s internal practices called “The Facebook Files.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also presumably fighting back against alleged whistleblower Frances Haugen who has a clear agenda to cement a censorship stranglehold over Conservative Americans.

The only question is how much of the stranglehold is explicitly in the hands of government officials and how much is in the hands of Silicon Valley “partners.”

Whatever the case Haugen is a Democratic operative who is insisting on more regulations in order to corral free speech and she has suddenly become omnipresent entirely out of the blue, which has raised suspicion about her motivations.

User data floating around on the internet is another reason the establishment could use to strengthen their hand in regulating free speech on the Internet.

The establishment plays dirty, and nothing is off the table when it comes to their desire to suppress Conservative views.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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