Facebook just banned the WHO for a jaw-dropping reason

The problem of Big Tech censorship has become too big to ignore.

Facebook is one of the worst culprits of this crisis.

And Facebook just banned the WHO for a jaw-dropping reason.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has beclowned itself multiple times during the coronavirus outbreak.

The WHO proved that it was in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party when it regurgitated  China’s lie that the coronavirus did not spread through human-to-human transmission.

WHO Dr. Bruce Aylward further drove that point home when he conspicuously ended an interview when he was asked about Taiwan’s inclusion in the organization – the CCP refuses to recognize the independence of Taiwan, so neither could Aylward.

However, the corporate-controlled press and Big Tech oligarchs have told the masses that the WHO is a trusted institution . . . until now.

Facebook censored guidelines from the WHO because the organization recommends that people under 18 years old should not be vaccinated.

This is terrifying.

Big Tech companies get to determine what is accepted science and what isn’t, even when recommendations come from a source that they told the world was trustworthy.

This is what fascism looks like.

The state in conjunction with corporations control the lives and behaviors of citizens.

People need to start asking who gets to determine what is and is not credible science.

So many researchers and physicians who hold counter-narrative positions were proven right, but they were censored by Big Tech companies with zero medical expertise.

Progressive elites are deciding what’s best for society and they’re manufacturing consent through traditional media and social media.

Months ago, contradicting the WHO was a bannable offense on Facebook.

Now Facebook itself is censoring the WHO.

There is no logical consistency – there is only a double standard that never works in the favor of the average citizen.

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