Facebook is implementing a new censorship technique

Few could have foreseen the dangers of Big Tech.

Now many people are dependent on social media for information and networking.

And Facebook is implementing a new censorship technique.

At the height of the European migrant crisis, German chancellor Angela Merkel got caught on a hot mic imploring Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to stop the spread of skepticism toward mass migration on his site.

Zuckerberg assured Merkel he was working on it, and Facebook censorship has only grown since then.

The company recently announced that they would essentially slap scarlet letters on users who post “misinformation.”

The press release stated:

“Today, we’re launching new ways to inform people if they’re interacting with content that’s been rated by a fact-checker as well as taking stronger action against people who repeatedly share misinformation on Facebook. Whether it’s false or misleading content about COVID-19 and vaccines, climate change, elections or other topics, we’re making sure fewer people see misinformation on our apps.”

This is galling because the establishment gets to determine what’s misleading and what isn’t.

Project Veritas recently exposed Facebook suppressing posts expressing vaccine hesitancy even if they were on reasonable grounds.

And the so-called “mainstream” media have completely flipped their perspective on the coronavirus lab leak hypothesis.

Only a few months ago, any mention of the lab leak theory was verboten and potentially warranted suspension from several social media platforms.

Now even Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admitted it’s very possible the coronavirus escaped from a Wuhan lab. 

What was deemed “misleading” yesterday is conventional thought today, and the only thing that changed was the attitudes of the establishment.

The Facebook statement continued:

“We currently notify people when they share content that a fact-checker later rates, and now we’ve redesigned these notifications to make it easier to understand when this happens. The notification includes the fact-checker’s article debunking the claim as well as a prompt to share the article with their followers. It also includes a notice that people who repeatedly share false information may have their posts moved lower in News Feed so other people are less likely to see them.”

So people who spread “misinformation” will be deboosted algorithmically.

The problem is that the fact-checkers are biased – if the establishment says that the lab leak theory has been debunked without any investigation, then that becomes a statement of fact, which is preposterous.

The establishment is using Big Tech to manufacture consent by keeping discussion within the allowable Overton Window.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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