Facebook is cracking down on one conservative Christian site for this outrageous reason

Big tech is cracking down on conservatives.

It’s only accelerated ever since Donald Trump got booted off every single platform.

Now one conservative Christian site is being unfairly targeted by Facebook.

The Babylon Bee has replaced The Onion as the most relevant satirical news site on the internet.

Like all other institutions, The Onion has been corrupted by the Left, and has been unwilling to go where the funny is.

The Bee, run by conservative Christians, has been a constant target of the Left.

They’ve been smeared as “misinformation” even though they are very clearly a satire site.

The Bee’s jokes have been fact-checked by Snopes and other outlets, which proves how humorless the Left is and how much time they have on their hands.

And Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon believes the site is being targeted by Facebook.

Even though the Bee has rapidly grown in popularity, the site’s web traffic is down on Facebook.

From The Daily Wire:

“Dillon tells The Daily Wire that the Bee began to see a precipitous drop in traffic immediately following the presidential election. To some extent, that was to be expected, given that audiences were less likely to engage with politically-themed humor once the winner had been settled. But the decline continued at a steady pace in the following months. In the past, more than 80% of the Bee’s traffic came from Facebook. Today, that number is down to just 30%.”

A drop from 80% to 30% is significant.

When Dillon has queried Facebook about the issue, he hasn’t gotten any straight answers.

Facebook said that it is attempting to “reduce the spread” of substandard reporting, but the Bee is a satire site; it’s literally fake news as intended.

But the Left understands the power of ridicule.

That’s why they’ve gone after the Bee so hard.

In Rules for Radicals, left-wing activist Saul Alinksy discusses how ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon.

Leftists don’t want ridicule being used against them effectively.

Despite having 1 million followers, the Bee only recently got verified on Twitter.

It’s absurd that it took so long, especially when Twitter admitted to verifying fake accounts.

Dillon had to threaten litigation to get The New York Times to correct a story that accused the Bee of intentionally spreading “misinformation” under the guise of satire.

According to the Left, jokes are only jokes when the Right is the target.

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