Facebook is calling for something that should give Republicans pause

Big Tech giants are really beginning to flex their muscles.

Banning the sitting President of the United States should’ve been a wake-up call to the power social media companies wield.

But Facebook is calling for something that should give Republicans pause.

The Republican Party has long been caricatured as the party of unscrupulous big business.

However, almost all of the major CEOs today are openly left-wing.

And these large firms are perfectly fine with big government, the reason being regulation helps them tamp down upstart competition.

Look no further than Facebook running ads inviting regulation.

Townhall reports:

“If you’ve watched cable TV at all in the last month you’ve seen one of those stupid ads from Facebook calling for new Internet regulations. They feature obnoxious 25-year-olds recounting things everyone older than they have lived through . . .’I was born in 1996, the last time Internet regulations were updated’ . . . Facebook wants new Internet regulations because . . . of course they do. Despite the common misconception, giant corporations are not conservative or opposed to government regulations. In fact, they love regulations because the larger the company is, the more likely it is that they’ll be in the room when it comes time to write them. The deeper the pockets, the tighter the grip on the pen that writes the laws.”

Facebook and Twitter are cozy with the Democratic establishment, and they invite picayune regulations that might cost them a few million bucks, which is a rounding error for them, but the difference between success or failure for competition.

Townhall continued:

“Facebook likely wouldn’t exist if the government had jumped into the regulation game, everyone would be stuck on Friendster or My Space . . . If Twitter or Facebook have to spend an additional million per year to comply with some random regulatory scheme, so what?”

Republicans and conservatives should be leery of companies pining for regulation.

That isn’t to say that big tech isn’t a threat, people on the Right need to be more strategic in their approach.

Blanket regulation is not the answer.

The specific goal of any political action needs to be the maintenance of free speech without stifling innovation.

Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have been allowed to exempt themselves from the rules that other platforms have to follow, partly because they’ve established a big tech cartel.

For example, Twitter competitor Parler was punished for allowing Capitol Hill rioters to organize on the platform, but most of the organization took place on Facebook.

If Facebook is running ads asking to be regulated, that should be a clear sign that something is afoot. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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