Facebook became an agent of the state with one breathtaking move

The Biden administration is desperate to silence critics.

That’s why they’re leaning on the corporate-controlled press and Big Tech to do their bidding.

And Facebook became an agent of the state with one breathtaking move.

The establishment has become fascist by bullying Facebook into censoring voices they want silenced.

Facebook and other social media sites have been under immense pressure from Democrats to shut people up with counter-narrative views, and the Big Tech giants seem happy to oblige.

Breitbart reports:

“Facebook has taken action against the so-called ‘disinformation dozen,’ a set of accounts publicly identified by the Biden White House as responsible for the majority of alleged coronavirus ‘disinformation’ on the platform. The Biden administration identified the accounts last month and publicly urged Facebook to take action against them. It appears Facebook has now succumbed to that pressure.”

Facebook and Twitter have hidden behind the shield of being private companies with regard to censoring people on their platforms, but that doesn’t apply if they’re working directly as agents of the state.

The government isn’t even hiding its heavy-handedness in terms of holding Big Tech firms’ feet to the fire.

A White House spokesperson said in a statement to CNN:

“In the middle of a pandemic, being honest and transparent about the work that needs to be done to protect public health is absolutely vital, but Facebook still refuses to be straightforward about how much misinformation is circulating – and being actively promoted – on their platform.”

Policing “misinformation” on social media is absurd, especially when the information is changing so rapidly.

Dr. Anthony Fauci himself would be guilty of misinformation by any objective standard.
But only the regime-approved voices are given free rein to discuss topics.

The White House spokesperson continued:

“It’s on everyone to get this right so we can make sure the American people are getting accurate information to protect the health of themselves and their loved ones – which is why the Administration will continue to push leaders, media outlets, and leading sources of information like Facebook to meet those basic expectations.”

Donald Trump has even more evidence to bolster his lawsuit against the social media giants who summarily banned him from their platforms.

They are clearly behaving like members of the state, and should not be afforded Section 230 protections which give them so much latitude.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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