Facebook allowed this unthinkable criminal activity to continue and users are furious

The pitfalls of Big Tech are finally being explored.

Social media sites are under the microscope for their harmful behavior.

And users were furious when they learned this unthinkable criminal activity was allowed to continue thanks to Facebook.

Facebook has become one of the most powerful companies in the world in under 20 years.

The site that was originally intended to be a way for college attendees to connect online has turned into a tool for drug cartels and human traffickers.

An internal investigator at the company found that criminal organizations were using Facebook to facilitate their activities, and higher-ups did little or nothing about it.

The Wall Street Journal:

“In January, a former cop turned Facebook Inc. investigator posted an all-staff memo on the company’s internal message board . . . A Mexican drug cartel was using Facebook to recruit, train and pay hit men. The behavior was shocking and in clear violation of Facebook’s rules. But the company didn’t stop the cartel from posting on Facebook or Instagram, the company’s photo-sharing site. Scores of internal Facebook documents…show employees raising alarms about how its platforms are used in some developing countries . . . They also show the company’s response, which in many instances is inadequate or nothing at all.”

Facebook’s priorities are entirely out of whack.

Assassins and smugglers are largely using the platform with impunity, but conservatives and libertarians are routinely run off the site for having counter-narrative political views.

Another recent investigation showed that Facebook had a “whitelist” for celebrities and other prominent people who were allowed to skirt content rules.

It’s ridiculous that drug cartels are getting what amount to whitelist privileges.

The Journal continued:

“Employees flagged that human traffickers in the Middle East used the site to lure women into abusive employment situations in which they were treated like slaves or forced to perform sex work. They warned that armed groups in Ethiopia used the site to incite violence against ethnic minorities. They sent alerts to their bosses on organ selling, pornography and government action against political dissent, according to the documents. Facebook removes some pages, though many more operate openly, according to the documents.”

Twitter is having a similar problem with open child pornography on the platform.

But Donald Trump isn’t allowed on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s appalling that Big Tech is cracking down on the basis of politics, but seems incapable of stopping assassination and human trafficking.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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