Experts warn of the devastation that could follow this overseas plot

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Lawmakers across the globe have taken definitive steps to limit the personal liberties of the people they claim to represent. 

Doing so takes power away from the people, giving it to lawmakers and law enforcement agencies. 

And experts warn of the devastation that could follow this overseas plot.

Ireland just approved a measure which could give Irish citizens a major headache 

When drafting the Bill of Rights, America’s founding fathers deliberately placed the freedom of speech in the very first amendment. 

America’s founders rightly worried that future governments could pass policies designed to silence the public. 

Freedom of speech has since become a core element to American greatness, that made us the envy of people across the world. 

However, many western governments have taken concrete steps to work around this liberty. 

In the Republic of Ireland for example, lawmakers have made headlines for working on a bill that restricts free speech under the guise of “hate speech prevention.” 

Although many people would denounce racist and bigoted speech, this bill has created significant controversy. 

Like other proposed hate speech bills that have gained traction all over the globe, many people worry that over-zealous lawmakers will abuse these sorts of policies to attack their political enemies. 

After all, these laws typically give law enforcement agencies and lawmakers considerable wiggle room when it comes to defining what qualifies as hate speech. Regarding Ireland’s so-called “hate speech” bill, prominent free-speech advocates from all over have flown to Ireland to try to convince Irish lawmakers not to pass this controversial measure.

Just recently, Author Michael Shellenberger, who played a prominent role in the release of the “Twitter Files”, spoke to the Irish parliament. 

Shellenberger warned Irish lawmakers, “The world is watching Ireland. The censorial ‘hate speech bill’, if passed, would not only shut down conversation nationally — as the home of various international social media headquarters, it would have a global impact on what we can all discuss online.” 

“A sweeping ban on undefined ‘hate’ gives authorities the power to determine which viewpoints are acceptable to voice. World history warns us that such power can be easily abused,” the concerned author claimed to Irish lawmakers. 

In contrast to Shellenberger’s comments, radical far-Left Irish Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly argued in favor of restricting free speech, urging lawmakers to pass the so-called “Hate Speech bill.” 

“If a person’s views on other people’s identities make their lives unsafe and insecure, and cause them such deep discomfort that they cannot live in peace, our job as legislators is to restrict those freedoms for the common good,” the radical lawmaker stated. 

Irish lawmakers openly desire limiting the personal freedoms of Irish citizens  

As Irish Senator Pauline O’Reilly openly stated, she believes that restricting the freedom of speech can be a good thing for society if it makes certain people feel more comfortable.

These sentiments completely undermine the freedom of speech, allowing powerful lawmakers to become the arbiters of truth and free speech.  

Many fear that Ireland’s controversial hate speech law, which lawmakers are still hashing out, could inspire other lawmakers across the western world to follow suit. 

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