Ex-federal prosecutor just spilled the inside tea on just how Democrats plan to jail Trump

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The Democrats have deep concerns about Joe Biden.

Polls show that Donald Trump is ahead of him despite endless law-fare.

But an ex-federal prosecutor just spilled the inside tea on just how Democrats plan to jail Trump.

The Democrats seem determined to run against Donald Trump in the General Election.

Their hope is that the law-fare waged against him will sink his campaign and carry Joe Biden to victory in 2024.

Count on Meadows, ex- U.S. Attorney Christie says

And former New Jersey Governor and ex-federal prosecutor Chris Christie, laid out the Democrats’ plan.

During a public event, Christie said, “I tried 130 political corruption cases in seven years in New Jersey, and our record was 130-0. I know a little bit about this. [Trump] is going to be convicted. He is guilty of the crimes he has been charged with on January 6, and Mark Meadows is going to prove it. Then what are we going to do? If he’s still the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president, let me tell you what’s going to happen…You’re not gonna see any commercials on television from Joe Biden that doesn’t include Donald Trump, the convicted felon, convicted not by some Democrats, but by his own chief of staff.”

The Democrats have three different ongoing criminal cases against Trump, plus one absurd civil suit in New York.

Christie also explained what a second Biden term would look like.

On what policies Democrats will push in second Biden term, Christie looks spot on for once

He continued, “We will be stuck with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for another four years and a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. And let me tell you what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna pack the Supreme Court. They’re going to admit DC and Puerto Rico as states so that we could never have a majority in the United States Senate again, and they will make changes to this country that we will never be able to undo.”

The Democrats have already signaled that they want to enact these measures.

Senator Elizabeth Warren suggested the Democrats pack the Supreme Court.

A decade ago, the idea of packing the Supreme Court would have made liberals balk—even Ruth Bader Ginsgburg was vehemently against it—but now the proposal is on the table.

Inisting Washington, D.C. residents and Puerto Ricans deserve statehood, is another common Democrat talking point.

The deep-blue areas would give the Democrats four more Senators.

The stakes are as high as ever for the 2024 election.

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