Ex-Blaze star exposes a big problem after his exit

One of The Blaze’s most popular shows is leaving the subscription network.

Now Steven Crowder is a free agent and receiving offers left and right.

But the Louder with Crowder host is exposing a big problem created by Big Tech’s cancel culture ways.

Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel has been the subject of repeated strikes and demonetization on the video platform.

The commentator and comic who’s been part of the Conservative media outlet The Blaze’s stable since 2018, hosting his “Louder with Crowder” show which aired both on YouTube – when not suspended – and The Blaze’s own streaming platform.

But at the end of 2022 Crowder announced with the end of his contract his affiliation with The Blaze was at an end, citing “long-term business vision differences” – which the comedian describes as understandable and not uncommon in the news and entertainment space.

Now he’s looking for someone else to sign the checks and gave an update on how that’s going on his show this week that illustrates the problems that Big Tech censorship has led to.

It’s Big Tech doing the punishing

Crowder reported receiving several offers from different conservative media outlets looking to be his new home but complained that he’s not liking the offers he’s getting, saying Big Tech cancel culture has led even conservative media companies to punish content creators.

Crowder wants to be paid based on his YouTube subscribers and the revenue stream from that audience is a big part of what the companies he’s looking to sign with are interested in.

The problem is, when he gets suspended or is otherwise demonetized by YouTube – as he has been for three years now – a big chunk of his value goes away.

Crowder revealed an example of one of the contract offers he has received – and added that he confirmed the provisions in the contract are standard with all their talent.

He redacted the name of the company – stating that he’s not out to burn anyone, yet, but he hopes that by exposing what’s going on, things will change.

The popular host has multiple issues with the contract – which he said was the rule rather than the exception – but the biggest was that in his view conservative media companies are penalizing talent if they say or do anything that gets them in trouble with any of the major social media platforms.

Of course, at the end of the day it’s Big Tech that is doing the punishing.

Conservative creators are often at the mercy of Big Tech

In the contract he showed, live on-air, it specifically calls for a reduction of 25% of his fee if he were to be demonetized by a company like YouTube.

Louder with Crowder has been demonetized on Google’s YouTube for more than three years now.

To be monetized on YouTube, a channel has to be deemed “advertiser friendly,” which means they can’t say anything that could be deemed offensive to any of the left-wing’s favorite protected classes.

Furthermore, if the channel received a content strike – for say, questioning the effectiveness of the COVID vax jab or bringing up irregularities in the 2020 election results – it would be an additional 20% reduction.

In total, the talent could be docked 85% of his revenue simply for having an opinion that gets him deplatformed by Big Tech, according to Crowder.

Given the state of play in the Big Tech cancel culture world, Crowder’s claims provide further evidence of why direct-to-you first outlets like Unmuzzled New are more critical than ever.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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