Eva Longoria just announced a new tech project that has Hollywood actually worried about race

Hollywood has been consumed by wokeness.

The worst ideas of the Left quickly get implemented in the entertainment industry.

And actress Eva Longoria just announced a new tech project that has Hollywood actually worried about race.

Liberal institutions make easy targets for radical leftists.

They are the first to fold amid criticisms of supposed bigotry or “hate.”

For example, the fallout from the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the death of George Floyd convinced the Academy to add a so-called diversity component for films to be considered for a Best Picture Oscar.

Now, far-Left actress Eva Longoria is creating a database of women and racial minorities for producers and studios to draw personnel from for their projects.

Hollywood is apt to lecture audiences about racism, and now they could be getting a taste of their own foul poison they continually preach at movie-goers about. 

Longoria’s new database could mean Hollywood is backed into a corner and forced to double down on “woke” casting and crew thanks to this initiative.

Deadline reported that “producers Eva Longoria and Charles D. King shared their frustrations today at the Produced By conference, relating that studios tell them they looked for diverse crew members, but couldn’t find any. MACRO CEO King and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment founder Longoria said they are creating a database of diverse talent they can present to studios when faced with that question…Longoria and King said they share the list amongst each other, and with other filmmakers like Ava DuVernay. DuVernay has gone a step further, creating the Array Crew database, accessible by studios.”

And it does not stop there.

GLAAD and other activist groups have coerced studios and producers into making hiring decisions and crafting stories around their political ambitions.

For example, films get scored by GLAAD on their inclusion and representation of gay characters.

This is reducing art to identity bean-counting, which is the death of free expression.

At least one anonymous producer has not been impressed by the initiative from DuVernay, another wild leftist.

The person commented, “What’s funny though is like 3 years ago my producing partner and I contacted an exec at ARRAY who my partner already had an established relationship with and asked a simple question: ‘Are there any women or more specifically women of color on your radar who you think is ready/overdue to direct a feature? We’re putting a list together to find someone for a project.’ Their answer: Sorry, we can’t help you…The very thing they claim to be their Raison d’etre…”

The idea of databases is unsettling, especially with such wild partisans operating and distributing them.

The racial cast and crew database is Longoria’s latest nakedly political stunt.

Longoria funded a campaign back in 2017 on behalf of Ralph Northam – the now former Virginia Governor and post-birth “abortion” advocate – that featured ads portraying supporters of his opponent as violent racists who run over young Hispanic children in monster trucks with “Don’t Tread on Me” license plates.

Longoria also recently teamed with billionaire leftist financier George Soros and other Democrats in contributing to an effort to buy 18 Spanish-speaking radio stations in order to turn them into propaganda machines for the Democrat Party.  

The effort is part of the Left’s response to growing losses of latino voters in the Democrat Party, which they laughably attribute, in part, to so-called “disinformation” on spanish-language radio stations.

Given the authoritarian path leftists seem hellbent on continuing down, it won’t be long  before Longoria’s database is used to generate a new Hollywood “blacklist” and anyone who doesn’t use it for hiring will see their productions banned.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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