Epstein-linked billionaire has job seekers scratching their heads after LinkedIn makes this puzzling move

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Although the founding fathers could have never predicted an age of computers and the internet, their vision for free speech remains as relevant as ever.

However, many on the internet are making it their top priority to silence and squash any unwanted speech, typically from those on the right.

Now this Epstein-linked billionaire has job seekers scratching their heads after LinkedIn makes this puzzling move.

Big Tech Companies are becoming terrified of free speech on their platforms

Despite creating platforms designed to facilitate free speech and open dialogues, many of Big Tech’s most powerful agents are terrified of free speech.

One such individual seems to be LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who recently spoke to the Washington Post about his fears regarding free speech on LinkedIn.

However, while Hoffman attempted to explain how and why he plans to combat what he deems as “misinformation”, Hoffman managed to spread some misinformation himself.

Hoffman told the Washington Post that LinkedIn plans on using Artificial Intelligence in unique ways, including policing free speech, however this new technology comes with concerns.

Per Hoffman “We don’t really have the right discourse mechanisms for doing that. And you know, one of them obviously is freedom of speech and freedom of reach. And that’s again, within the AI content is, you know, well what gets amplified and, how is that all discovered is one of the things that will matter within the electoral context.”

In that statement alone, Hoffman skillfully hedges his support of free speech, but it doesn’t end there.

He added, “So those kinds of things we can navigate even as we discuss what the First Amendment means in terms of freedom of speech and what does that really mean? Cause by the way, we do have regulation on speech, like truth and advertising. Um, you know, uh, the proverbial yelling fire in the crowded movie theater and other kinds of things, I think are things that we need to kind of, um, to, to apply those principles in the modern age.”

Enemies of the First Amendment and free speech often use the cliche yelling fire analogy, which in this case is both misleading and lazy.

Reid Hoffman is the last person who should be giving lectures on ethics

Reid Hoffman, who is allegedly terrified of the ramifications of free speech, is the last person who should be giving ethics lessons.

Hoffman has a long and dubious history with some of the worlds most sinister people including the late Jeffrey Epstein.

In fact, according to a New York Post article released earlier this month, Hoffman even stayed on Epstein’s private island, which was revealed to be a central part of Epstein’s extensive underaged sex trafficking ring.

Simply put, Hoffman has no right to lecture the public about ethics until he addresses his alleged close ties with some of the world’s most evil people.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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