Elon Musk’s lawyers dropped a bombshell and left lunatic leftists in shell-shock yet again

Elon Musk is nearly impossible to figure out.

The eccentric billionaire has kept journalists and politicians on their toes ever since he’s become more vocal about politics.

Now Musk’s lawyers have dropped another bombshell that left lunatic leftists in shell-shock yet again.

Musk lawyers made a shocking announcement about Twitter that left everybody in stunned silence

Elon Musk’s pursuit of Twitter looked all but over after he put the acquisition “on hold” before backing out entirely.

But now Musk has agreed to purchase the company at his initial offer price of $44 billion.

The shocking about-face comes in the middle of litigation between Musk and Twitter; the company sued him for pulling out of the deal.

If the deal goes through this time, Musk would presumably follow through on his goal of taking Twitter private.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “a lawyer for Mr. Musk communicated the proposal to Twitter’s lawyers Monday, according to a copy of a two-sentence letter that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday afternoon. Twitter confirmed receipt of the letter and said it intends to close the transaction at the original price of $54.20 a share. Should the parties agree to do so, the proposal would enable them to avert a high-stakes trial set to begin soon and potentially finalize the deal within days…There are no guarantees that the unpredictable Mr. Musk will follow through with his proposal and close the transaction. The five-day trial, set to begin Oct. 17, could still go forward as planned. Mr. Musk was scheduled to be deposed later this week as part of the preparations for the trial.”

The deal was dead because of bots

Musk initially backed out of the deal because he claimed that he could not verify the number of fake accounts on Twitter, thus making it difficult to properly monetize the platform.

Twitter claimed that only about 5% of the accounts were fake, but Musk speculated the number could be as high as 25% and one Twitter whistleblower suggested it could be an eye-popping one-third.

Blue-checkmark journalists went into full-on meltdown mode upon the news that Musk wanted to buy Twitter and turn it back into a free speech platform.

They breathed a sigh of relief when it looked like the deal would fall apart.

Now they’re back to fretting over losing their plaything.

Even though leftists don’t want to admit it, Twitter is clearly biased to the Left.

Twitter Senior Engineer Siru Murugesan got caught by an undercover journalist admitting, “Twitter does not believe in free speech…Elon believes in free speech…Our jobs are at stake. He’s a capitalist and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. Like, we’re all, like, commie as f**k.”

With Musk on the cusp of buying Twitter (again), the left-wing hit pieces on him will likely ramp up (again).

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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