Elon Musk’s lawyer is getting ready for war with a top Democrat

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Many on the Left desperately hoped acquiring Twitter would prove to be Elon Musk’s downfall, but the richest man in the world bounced back. 

But now he’s getting attacked by a new law that will have you seeing red.

And Musk’s lawyer just declared war on a top Democrat.

Soon after acquiring social media platform Twitter (now called X) for a jaw-dropping $44 billion, the tech executive informed employees that the whole operation could end up in bankruptcy court thanks to poor management that had the company bleeding $4 million a day. 

At the same time, Musk—a former Democrat who infuriated the Left by instructing his followers to vote Republican in the 2022 midterm election—faced a massive fortune reversal with stock values tanking.

His status as the richest man in the world looked like it might be lost for good. 

However, less than a year later the eccentric billionaire bounced back in a big way with his fortune soaring to an estimated $251.3 billion—$54.6 billion more than French business magnate Bernard Arnault and his family. 

Beating back Bezos put Musk in the crosshairs

Musk also has to feel a bit smug over the fact that his net worth now exceeds Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ by more than $90 billion. 

The one person most interested in those numbers right now may be California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

With one eye on the White House, the high-profile Democrat is constantly ensuring the Golden State churns out all kinds of legislation supporting a radical leftist agenda that can then be used as a prototype for other blue states to copy. 

But now it looks like he might have one heck of a fight on his hands. 

Musk’s social media platform just filed a lawsuit against the State of California over a law that took effect only a month before Musk acquired Twitter. 

According to Musk’s legal team AB 587 violates the First Amendment and interferes with how the company does business by pushing it to “remove, demonetize, or deprioritize” content the government deems “problematic.”

“The legislative record is crystal clear that one of the main purposes of AB 587—if not the main purpose—is to pressure social media companies to eliminate or minimize content that the government has deemed objectionable,” the complaint explains. 

No doubt, Gavin Newsom is finding Elon Musk himself remarkably “problematic” these days. 

And with his fortune replenished and growing exponentially, the richest man in the world has all the resources he needs to also become the most annoying man in the world in the eyes of leftists everywhere. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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