Elon Musk went through the roof when yet another massive Twitter scandal landed in his lap

If the richest man in the world was bored, he’s found a way to cure that. 

The $44 billion Elon Musk plunked down to buy Twitter is earning him one migraine after the next.

And he went through the roof when yet another massive Twitter scandal landed in his lap.

As he settles in at the helm of Twitter, Elon Musk is busy cleaning house starting with firing plenty of crooked executives. 

But when he went on to deal with how “verified” check marks are handed out, the world was in for a big surprise. 

In a comment on a tweet, Musk outlined the problem noting that “Far too many legacy ‘verified’ checkmarks were handed out, often arbitrarily, so in reality they are *not* verified. You can buy as many as you want right now with a Google search.”

He planned to solve that problem by charging an $8 fee for account verification. 

“Piggybacking off payment system plus Apple/Android is a much better way to ensure verification,” he noted.

“Yup,” Musk says Twitter employees were selling verified status under the table – pocketing up to $15,000 a pop

Twitter user @WSBChairman replied to Musk’s comment claiming that Twitter employees have been extorting thousands of dollars from users seeking verification. 

“Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, mine included, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes,” @WSBChairman wrote. “Investigation needed.”

Musk responded to that bombshell revelation with a succinct, “Yup.”

It looks like investigating the missteps of his current and former employees is rapidly becoming a full-time job for the 51-year-old entrepreneur.

When Musk revealed his plan to charge verified users $8 to keep their blue check mark, he noted that the marks have become a status symbol creating a “lord-and-peasant” system on the social media platform. 

Musk, who urged his followers to vote Republican in the Midterm elections, is facing an uphill fight. 

“Musk last week announced that the newly acquired firm has suffered significant revenue losses after prominent advertisers pulled out,” The Epoch Times reported. “The tech billionaire accused activist groups of leading the charge against him and said that “they’re trying to destroy free speech in America.”

Musk’s decision to fire numerous high level employees was justified not only because the crooked players at the helm richly deserved it, but also because the company is bleeding $4 million every single day. 

It seems the same employees willing to exhort their clients for a small fortune under the table sure weren’t making their company profitable. 

And based on what was revealed about a possible pay-to-play scandal, Musk may have plenty more employees he needs to fire ASAP. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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