Elon Musk was fined a huge chunk of change by the Biden administration for one stunning reason

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Elon Musk infuriated the establishment simply by purchasing Twitter.

The old regime allowed the government to get away with shocking amounts of interference.

And Musk was fined a huge chunk of change by the Biden administration for one stunning reason.

The D.C. establishment is desperate to nail Donald Trump to the wall, and anyone who stands in the way risks being collateral damage.

Elon Musk made himself a roadblock when he bought Twitter for $44 billion and took the company private.

Musk quickly uncovered vast amounts of collusion between the company and alphabet agencies.

Musk made himself a target for not playing ball with the establishment.

And he was forced to pay a huge fine for it.

The Department of Justice levied a $350,000 fine for not turning over access to Donald Trump’s Twitter account amid an investigation into January 6th.

That’s a massive sum of money to most Americans even if it’s not to Musk.

Musk appealed the fine, and the whole ordeal was laid out in court documents.

Warrant raises questions if it’s all part of another Democrat opposition research attempt against Trump

The legal document read, “The district court issued a search warrant in a criminal case, directing appellant Twitter, Inc. (‘Twitter’) to produce information to the government related to the Twitter account ‘@realDonaldTrump.’ The search warrant was served along with a nondisclosure order that prohibited Twitter from notifying anyone about the existence or contents of the warrant. Twitter initially delayed production of the materials required by the search warrant while it unsuccessfully litigated objections to the nondisclosure order. Although Twitter ultimately complied with the warrant, the company did not fully produce the requested information until three days after a court-ordered deadline. The district court thus held Twitter in contempt and imposed a $350,000 sanction for its delay.”

The DOJ was eager to find anything it could use against Trump.

At least they bothered with a rubber stamp warrant this time — tech and telecom companies often hand Americans’ communications over without one

The document continued, “In this appeal, Twitter argues that the nondisclosure order violated the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act; that the district court should have stayed its enforcement of the search warrant until after Twitter’s objections to the nondisclosure order were resolved; and that the district court abused its discretion by holding Twitter in contempt and imposing the sanction. We affirm the district court in all respects.”

It’s quite disturbing that the government can go on a fishing expedition based on its own fabricated narrative.

If Musk had not taken over Twitter, the DOJ would’ve easily gotten access to Trump’s Twitter account without any fuss.

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