Elon Musk warned about one disturbing trend on the horizon that has Hillary Clinton itching for a redo

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New technologies are developing at breakneck speed.

The consequences for society are being hotly debated.

And Elon Musk warned about one disturbing trend on the horizon that has Hillary Clinton itching for a redo.

The ‘generated’ future

Elon Musk is one of several tech entrepreneurs pursuing artificial intelligence (AI) projects.

Musk said that AI must be developed responsibly because of its inherent power.

Back in 2018, Musk argued that AI is “far more dangerous than nukes.”

Considering every tech billionaire on the planet is in a race to corner the AI market, there could be something to that.

And one alarming report claims that the overwhelming majority of what everybody sees online could be AI-generated within the next few years.

The law enforcement organization Europol published a report that said, “Experts estimate that as much as 90 percent of online content may be synthetically generated by 2026…[this] refers to media generated or manipulated using artificial intelligence…In most cases, synthetic media is generated for gaming, to improve services or to improve the quality of life…[B]ut the increase in synthetic media and improved technology has given rise to disinformation possibilities.”

Establishment entities have been crowing about misinformation and disinformation that cuts against their narrative.

AI-influenced elections?

However, the problem of AI-generated disinformation is real.

The OpenAI product ChatGPT has been caught generating fake newspaper links when asked to provide a source on a particular assertion.

For instance, ChatGPT might create an authentic-looking link to a New York Times article that never existed; if users click on it, they get an error message.

The Europol report continued, “On a daily basis, people trust their own perception to guide them and tell them what is real and what is not…Auditory and visual recordings of an event are often treated as a truthful account of an event. But what if these media can be generated artificially, adapted to show events that never took place, to misrepresent events, or to distort the truth?”

As AI technology improves, it will become more difficult to discern truth from fiction.

“Deepfakes” have already become disturbingly convincing.

AI has the potential to solve all sorts of problems, but it can also be used as a tool for destruction.

Musk added, “There probably will be attempts to use AI to manipulate the public and some of it will be successful and if not this election, for sure the next one…[A]rguably we are on the event horizon of the black hole that is artificial superintelligence.”

If AI is not handled properly, the Europol report about 90% “synthetic” content could come true.

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