Elon Musk set Twitter on fire with Soros-linked bombshell taking over

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Billionaire Elon Musk just stirred the waters again.

He’s finally announced his pick for Twitter’s next CEO.

And he set Twitter on fire with Soros-linked bombshell taking over.

Twitter’s new boss might just be one of the most well-connected women on the plant.

And conservatives have one major reason to fear her rise to power in Big Tech.

Over the past year Elon Musk emerged as a surprising hero to conservative free-speech advocates as he took a massive financial hit—and fell from his pedestal as richest man in the world—to gain control of Twitter.

Once he was at the helm, Musk started digging through the social media platforms dirt and released the Twitter Files via independent journalists.

That information helped verify the level of collusion that was taking place between federal agencies and Big Tech—including the massive effort to bury the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell story” published by the New York Post mere weeks before the 2020 Presidential election.

Musk—who encouraged people to vote Republican in the 2022 Midterm election—also set about reinstating Twitter accounts for users that were suspended by the leftist executives who were in charge before his arrival.

That included former President Trump’s account which turned out to be a major boon for Trump when he was able to use his now visible tweets to prove his innocence of Democrat charges that he was intentionally inciting violence on Capitol Hill.

But now it appears all of Elon Musk’s goodwill with the conservative base could be wiped away by one catastrophic move.

When news broke that Musk tapped Linda Yaccarino as his replacement as Twitter CEO, news spread across social media like wildfire.

New CEO’s troubling ties

It seems Yaccarino just gave up her position at NBC Universal—MSNBC’s parent company—to take the top spot at Twitter.

In addition to her experience as chair of global advertising and partnerships for a group of brands including the leftist news network, she also has some serious ties to the World Economic Forum.

Yaccarino served on Soros-funded World Economic Forum panels

Her LinkedIn profile details her role as chair of the World Economic Forum’s “future of work” committee.

She’s also on the international organization’s “media, entertainment and culture industry governors steering committee.”

Even while working for NBC Universal, the ad executive also helped shape pandemic related propaganda as the chair of the Ad Council.

Some have speculated that Yaccarino has the professional acumen to help get the financially-floundering social media platform back on solid ground.

If she’s successful, that could cement Elon Musk in position as the richest man in the world.

Exactly how much that move will cost Americans in the long run remains an unsettled mystery.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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