Elon Musk just took a sledgehammer to Biden’s agenda

Joe Biden is desperate to save his sinking presidency.

He and the Democrats are pinning their hopes on a radical spending bill.

But Elon Musk just took a sledgehammer to Biden’s agenda.

Thanks to a handful of RINOs, Joe Biden’s bloated infrastructure bill passed.

But Biden and the Democrats are not done.

They’re pushing to pass the Build Back Better agenda, which is a pet project of the globalist elites.

Several world leaders around the globe have eerily used the phrase “build back better” to promote a radical expansion of government power.

Moderate holdouts Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have said they will not sign BBB, but they are under relentless attack from fellow Democrats and the corporate press.

But it’s not just the dwindling Democratic moderates and right-wingers decrying the insane BBB boondoggle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk does not want to see the radical spending package passed.

During a CEO summit conference, Musk said, “I would say can this bill. Don’t pass it. That’s my recommendation.”

He further expounded on his point by sharing a study from the University of Pennsylvania that predicted the national debt would increase by 24% if BBB is passed.

The analysis read:

“We evaluate the Act under two scenarios. In the first scenario, PWBM presents the spending and revenue provisions ‘as written’ in the legislative text where certain provisions sunset within the 10-year budget window. Under this scenario, we project that the long-run trajectory of public debt would be 1.5 percent larger and that GDP would be 0.2 percent lower in 2050 relative to baseline projections.”

Under the second scenario, we assume that temporary provisions of the proposal are extended permanently. We find that, against baseline projections, government debt would be more than 24 percent larger in 2050 and GDP would be about 3 percent lower in the same year.”

Biden is lying through his teeth when he says the bill simply “pays for itself.”

Only the most deluded Democrats believe that.

Also, the modest projections from loyal Democrats assume that the expansive new government programs would sundown.

However, Musk tweeted a famous quote from economist Milton Friedman highlighting the fact that new government programs never go away.

Democrat Abigail Spanberger actually captured it when she said that “nobody elected [Biden] to be FDR,”

Elon Musk agrees.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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