Elon Musk just said one sentence that put every Democrat on edge

Elon Musk sent shockwaves throughout the world when he bought Twitter.

The Left is panicking that their digital dominance could be coming to an end.

Now, Elon Musk said one sentence that put every Democrat on edge.

Democrats took for granted that they had Big Tech in their pocket.

Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter caused all hell to break loose.

With Musk’s position as a “free speech absolutist,” the rigged system against conservatives on the platform appeared to be broken.

The potential for free speech to return to Twitter has caused the most left-wing hysteria since Donald Trump’s election in 2016.

Musk has begun to spell out his vision for Twitter moving forward.

The liberals who ran Twitter are freaking out at losing their control over the company.

Top Twitter attorney Vijaya Gadde runs the company’s trust & safety issues department where the decisions to ruthlessly censor conservatives are made.

Gadde was a leading decision maker for the company when it made one of the most jaw dropping Big Tech censorship moves in history shutting down the Hunter Biden laptop story.

As Unmuzzled News reported yesterday, Gadde reportedly broke down in tears during a company meeting after news of Musk’s purchase broke and conservative commentator Saagar Enjeti noted her despicable record of censorship against conservatives.

“Vijaya Gadde, the top censorship advocate at Twitter who famously gaslit the world on Joe Rogan’s podcast and censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, is very upset about the @elonmusk takeover”, Enjeti posted.

Beneath his quote was a link to a POLITICO article entitled, “Twitter’s top lawyer reassures staff, cries during meeting about Musk takeover.”

Elon Musk took notice of Enjeti’s post and responded.

“Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate,” Musk replied.

This is the clearest signal yet from Musk that Twitter’s days of favoring the Left could be coming to an end.

At the very least, it’s a sign that Gadde’s days as Twitter’s top censor are likely coming to a close.

Earlier, Musk posted a meme of her that mocked her ridiculous denial of political bias against conservatives on the Joe Rogan podcast.

But potentially losing her job could be just the beginning of her problems.

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa requested Twitter preserve all evidence related to the decision to censor Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and its “hard drive from hell” contents for a potential Congressional investigation.

It remains to be seen if everything really is falling apart for the Big Tech overlords of censorship, but leftists’ are clearly freaking out and Democrats are mobilizing government to enforce the advantage they could lose.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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