Elon Musk just helped expose a mind-boggling shell game involving one of the biggest forces in media

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Elon Musk exposed a huge problem when he purchased Twitter for $44 billion.

Social media companies are being used by the establishment as part of a vast censorship regime.

And Musk just helped expose a mind-boggling shell game involving one of the biggest forces in media

Facts definitely do not care about anyone’s feelings

Democrats and their media allies are desperate to shut down any dissenting views.

Even mainstream conservative voices run the risk of being shadow-banned, deboosted, or silenced altogether for covering certain topics.

Mainline conservative Ben Shapiro had a video suppressed by YouTube, which meant that it was demonetized; the Daily Wire was unable to make money off of the video.

This has been a common tactic used against videos deemed political, especially Right-leaning content.

In this case, Shapiro’s video unearthed the forces behind ESG (environmental, social, governance) scores that determine how asset management firms allocate resources.

Shapiro mentioned the World Federation of Advertisers, which plays a major hand in which companies get funded.

Shapiro was accused of promoting the N. W. O. conspiracy theory, which is a preposterous accusation.

Elon Musk shared the video, which helped draw attention to the absurdity of the content being demonetized on YouTube.

The shell game exposed

Shapiro explained, “Ironically, YouTube has suppressed monetization for Episode 1 of my new YouTube series, Facts, because it ‘discusses New World Order, which is a non-monetizable “conspiracy theory” under [YouTube’s] Dangerous Acts in ad-friendly guidelines.’ Except nothing in the video is a conspiracy theory at all. Watch for yourself and get the facts about who is controlling ad revenue on YouTube and all of the largest Big Tech platforms – including this one.”

The Media Research Center questioned YouTube about its decision to censor the video, and the company responded, “In order for a video to monetize on YouTube it must comply with our advertiser-friendly guidelines, which are publicly accessible and apply to all creators. Upon review, the video in question is currently monetizing.”

So YouTube got caught censoring the video and quietly monetized it without alerting the Daily Wire.

These censorship shenanigans happen all the time, and more often than not it’s happening to people on the Right.

In Shapiro’s video, he lays out how a handful of politically motivated people with power can determine what people are allowed to see.

Since these decisions are being made for political reasons and not economic ones, companies are still susceptible to market forces, but it’s going to take a concerted effort by people to stand up to those manipulating things behind the scenes.

That’s novel

To that end, Musk tweeted “I think the solution here is to price so-called “safe” advertising higher than “unsafe” on his now-rebranded “X” Twitter platform.

“My companies will happily buy the latter,” Musk concluded.

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