Elon Musk calls out elite schools after the woke mob goes after this dean

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Higher education institutions across America are locked in a woke battle against free speech.

The days when college students fought for the chance to be radically honest are long gone—and they’ve been replaced with censorship obsessed snowflakes.

Now Elon Musk is calling out elite schools after the woke mob goes after this dean.

Decades ago, high school grads went off to college to make something of themselves and gain some real skills to contribute to the world.

But these days, learning is being treated like a sideshow, while implementing a radical leftist agenda becomes the focal point of what’s happening on college campuses.

That was illustrated recently when Fifth Circuit appellate Judge Kyle Duncan showed up on the Stanford Law School campus for a speaking engagement and ended up in the middle of what he later called a “bizarre therapy session from hell.”

Considering that Duncan is a well-known Supreme Court litigator and now Judge, you’d think he would have commanded rapt attention from a school full of aspiring lawyers.

Instead, the woke mob took over disrupting his speech—a violation of school rules—so completely that he asked an administrator to restore order in the room.

Then, Duncan ended up with the school’s diversity dean in his face, adding fuel to the fire.

In the wake of the incident and an apology by a school official, students mounted another protest.

Musk calls out “Soviet level” of indoctrination

This time of Law School Dean Jenny Martinez who apologized to Judge Duncan for how he was treated.

“Hundreds of Stanford students lined the halls yesterday to protest the law school’s dean, Jenny Martinez, for apologizing to Kyle Duncan, the judge shouted down last week,” Aaron Sibarium wrote.

“The students effectively subjected Martinez to an intimidating walk of shame,” he added.

That’s when tech billionaire Elon Musk weighed in, retweeting the post and pointing out that “Parents don’t realize the Soviet level of indoctrination that their children are receiving in elite high schools and colleges.”

The main reason students cited for going after Duncan was his refusal to use a sex offender’s “preferred pronouns” when writing an opinion on a case in 2020.

As Unmuzzled News previously reported, instead of restoring order, DEI administrator Angela Steinbach stepped into the limelight and lit into the judge with one jaw-dropping woke tirade.

“Your opinions from the bench land as absolute disenfranchisement” students’ rights, Steinbach claimed.

Diversity dean Steinbach then claimed that Duncan was “tearing the fabric of this community.”

The biggest thing destroying the number two ranked law school at this point is woke leftists bent on destroying the number two ranked law school in the country with its failing “equity” driven woke madness.

Duncan was quoted in the Free Beacon warning about dangers ahead if someone doesn’t get a handle on the law school.

“Duncan warned that what happens at Stanford, long the second-ranked law school in the country, behind Yale, is unlikely to stay there. ‘If enough of these kids get into the legal profession,’ he said, ‘the rule of law will descend into barbarism,’” the publication reported.

Incredibly the situation continued to spiral out of control long after Duncan was escorted off the campus by Federal Marshals.

Higher education is more expensive than ever before.

And all parents are getting these days is an activist boot camp operated by unhinged leftists.

The depths to which the legal institution has sunk is already apparent.

In the past law school students didn’t even have time to create unnecessary chaos.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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