Elon Musk calls out Barack Obama’s secret censorship agency

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The depth of corruption hidden within the federal government is almost impossible to comprehend.

With a stroke of a pen a president can implement an executive order fundamentally transforming our nation.

Now Elon Musk is calling out one secret censorship agency created by Barack Obama.

Musk calls out obscure group at the State Department

During his last year in office Barack Obama signed executive order 13721 creating the Global Engagement Center (GEC).

The obscure agency under the Secretary of State was supposedly created to “lead the coordination, integration, and synchronization of Government-wide communications activities directed at foreign audiences abroad in order to counter the messaging and diminish the influence of international terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al Qa’ida, and other violent extremists abroad.”

In reality, it seems it has become home to a bunch of bureaucrats simply trying to shut you down online.

Early on, even some Democrats became nervous about what the agency was getting up to.

In 2018 Rep. Bradley Scott Schneider (D-IL) introduced a bill requiring the Department of State to provide Congress with “at least” an annual briefing on the “activities of the center.”

But it seems the real information about the agency is coming courtesy of the Twitter Files.

Inside information reveals that former Twitter executives were even taken aback by the insane demands of GEC officials.

According to the former head Twitter censor, Yoel Roth—who worked closely with government officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI—the GEC gave them plenty of headaches as it sought to push thinly-evidenced claims out in the news.

In an email Roth told Twitter employees that they should “continue to maintain a distinction between the highly trusted, valued relationships we’ve built over years with entities with considerable expertise and authority in these domains” compared to other government agencies “that may engage on these questions from time to time (sometimes in more political ways than others).”

One internal Twitter email cited by independent journalist Matt Taibbi notes that the GEC was actively trying to not only manipulate what was allowed on Twitter, but to also control the narrative in the corporate-controlled media.

“half-baked to meet their media cycle”

“I think we need to be mindful of the larger picture,” an unidentified Twitter staffer wrote to colleagues. “Agree with [name redacted] that something a little more detached and direct might be helpful so they’re aware we’re going over the data rigorously by our own internal standards and not half-baked to meet their media cycle.”

“The delta between when they share material and when they go to the press continues to be problematic,” the email continued. “We’ve primed the media to be curious and inquisitive of this dynamic too.”

The fact that Twitter’s abysmally low standards are apparently significantly higher than the GEC’s basically provides everything you need to know about the government agency.

Now Elon Musk is ensuring the GEC can no longer fly under the radar.

Musk slams GEC as “worst offender” among government censors

In a recent tweet he shared a link to the agency’s government website along with one blunt assessment.

“The worst offender in US government censorship & media manipulation is an obscure agency called GEC,” Musk tweeted.

“They are a threat to our democracy,” he added in the post’s comment section. “That is the line they fed the media about me.”

He then shared a thread from Taibbi going into detail about a “Russian Disinformation Apparatus” press release the agency pushed out trying to revive Hillary Clinton’s faux Russian collusion storyline targeting Donald Trump.

Recognizing exactly how deep Musk is getting as he takes on powerful government forces, Twitter user Tyler Todt warned him to take care.

“Please stay safe Elon,” Todt tweeted. “Dangerously close to Epsteining yourself I’m afraid.”

“Everybody dies someday,” Musk responded.

The fact that the second richest man in the world needs to watch his back after possibly offending some bureaucrats shows exactly how far the American experiment has gone off course.

No doubt, the last thing the founding fathers ever intended was a series of mini-dictatorships operating throughout a vast federal government, lording over the rights of American citizens.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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