Elizabeth Warren is coming after your savings with one concerning proposal

Elizabeth Warren exemplifies the Democrats’ radical move to the Left.

She once presented herself as a moderate, but now she is another fringe leftist.

And Warren is coming after your savings with one concerning proposal.

Far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren came up with insane spending proposals during the Democratic presidential primary that even left-wing members of the press called her out on.

She kept insisting that her socialized healthcare plan wouldn’t at all raise taxes on the middle class, which everybody knew was a lie.

Now, Warren is advocating for the U.S. government to get in the cryptocurrency game.

During an interview with NBC News’s Chuck Todd, Warren said, “Oh, for a Central Bank Digital Currency? Yes. I think it’s time for us to move in that direction…I think of it as what’s the problem we’re trying to solve and if the problem you’re trying to solve is fast, almost frictionless ability to send money across country and the world. Central Bank Digital Currency does that. You don’t need a stablecoin for that.”

Those words should send a chill down the spine of all Americans.

The main advantages of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, supporters say, is that it is not centrally controlled and exists using blockchain technology, which means that it can not be manipulated as easily as fiat currency.

Crypto is also said to serve as a hedge against inflation and the continued devaluation of the dollar.

Since 1971 when Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard, the dollar has lost 84% of its value.

The issue would only get worse with a centrally-controlled digital currency operated by the U.S. government.

The U.S. government and economic central planners don’t like anything they don’t control.

They want to ensure they magically print more money anytime they like, as they do with the dollar.

Americans are discovering that inflation is a very real problem. 

When inflation hovers around the 2-3% range, Americans don’t realize that they’re being hit by an invisible tax.

But when inflation jumps up to 8%, like the current 40-year-high — which is even higher when using old Consumer Price Index models— it becomes impossible to ignore.

Central planners like Warren have a solution in mind – putting a digital expiration date on all the stimulus money they can’t stop dolling out.

As an added bonus, a centrally-controlled government cryptocurrency would also help them usher in a social credit system like the Chinese Communist Party uses to crack down on dissent and ensure public compliance.

It would be easier for the government to track all purchases, and cut people off from access to certain goods and services.

The excuse would always be the need to stop drugs and other contraband from being bought and sold, but you can bet that soon legal firearms purchases would be blocked.

Credit card companies have already done this in certain instances.

The government has engaged in decades of irresponsible monetary policy.

Now they think a government digital currency will help them keep the shell game going.

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