Elizabeth Warren believes it’s high time Amazon start cracking down on so-called “misinformation”

The Left continues to try and censor anything that doesn’t line up with its agenda.

They claim it’s for your safety, but it’s really a matter of control.

And Elizabeth Warren believes it’s high time Amazon start cracking down on so-called “misinformation.”

If you ask left-wing radical Elizabeth Warren, Amazon customers are not capable of forming their own opinions on COVID-19.

Last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to the CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, telling him that she is concerned “that Amazon is peddling misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and treatments through its search and ‘Best Seller’ algorithms.”

“During the week of August 22, 2021, my staff conducted sample searches on Amazon.com of pandemic-related terms such as ‘COVID-19,’ ‘COVID,’ ‘vaccine,’ ‘COVID 19 vaccine,’ and ‘pandemic.’ The top results consistently included highly-ranked and favorably-tagged books based on falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and cures,” wrote Warren in her letter.

A sitting United States Senator has nothing more to do with her time, or her staff’s time, than scour Amazon to see if there are books being sold, she thinks spread false information.

The state of the government today is a sad one.

Warren is attempting to insert the government into the buyer-seller relationship, purporting to act for the public’s own good.

This is a classic leftist move and a tactic of those trying to censor information they don’t like.

Of course, Elizabeth Warren is full of really bad ideas and often tries to get the government to intervene in the name of “safety.”

Amazon doesn’t need to explain anything to Elizabeth Warren and it is certainly in the company’s best interest to sell books that are counter to Warren’s narrative.

Unfortunately, with the way Big Tech and corporate America work these days it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that Amazon would make a move to censor non-leftist information.

Elizabeth Warren has wanted to regulate Amazon for years and is leveraging COVID-19 to get her ideas pushed through.

The Senator believes it is her job to tell Americans how to think, speak, and act.

She will stop at nothing to try and control every piece of information the American people consume.

The scary part is, she’s not alone in this quest.

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