Elites and anti-science COVID religious zealots caught something special just in time to ruin the holidays

Many Americans are looking forward to the Christmas season over the next couple of weeks. 

But the Fake News Media and leftists can’t stand you having any traces of joy.

And research shows elites and anti-science COVID religious zealots caught in something special just in time to ruin the holidays.

Right on queue, the anti-science “scientists” and their authoritarian pals want you to be fearful of everything as a new variant of COVID is detected.

We all need a break from the chaos and pain that our communities have suffered through over the past year and a half. 

First we all had to suffer through lockdowns being dictated by our tyrannical overlords as many Americans struggle to find ways to put food on the table with no jobs. 

Remember when we couldn’t even go to work or church as leftist governors across the nation went out for dinner with friends?

Then our children weren’t even able to go to school and get an adequate education as their teachers went on vacation while claiming fear for their health. 

And over the past several months we have been suffering from inflation that can be blamed for shutting down the world’s economy and spending trillions in money no one had. 

But now as we all try to get a glimpse of happiness over the Christmas break the Fake News Media and “scientists” are screaming from the rooftops about a new COVID variant. 

The new variant called Omicron, formerly known as B.1.1.529, is being described by many fear mongers as worse then previous variants. 

Even though we aren’t really sure if it really is worse than other strains before, the world is just freaking out about it. 

The variant is most prevalent in South Africa but we’re told it’s already starting to spread worldwide. 

But wouldn’t you know it, one of the South African “scientists” who first started spreading word of the variant was also appealing to the elites to fund his work within hours.

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the nation of South Africa was torn apart by mass riots earlier this year.

Afterall, if we’ve learned anything from the Epstein saga other than Jefferey Epstein didn’t kill himself, it’s that elites love to use turmoil stricken third-world nations a la Haiti for their twisted plans.

Nor does it seem to be a coincidence that the Centre for Epidemic Response & Innovation (CERI) was suddenly stood up by globalist elites in the wake of those riots.

From a September Rockefeller Foundation press release:

New York, Nairobi and Stellenbosch | September 23, 2021 – Today Stellenbosch University, the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the Chan Soon-Shiong Foundation (CSSFF) announced the official launch of the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation, for which they are founding partners. Backed by an initial $4.5 million in funding from The Rockefeller Foundation’s pandemic prevention institute, CERI is a leader in ongoing work to expand pathogen surveillance capability across Africa.

Pathogen surveillance?

As Joe Biden reminded Philadelphia election workers after the 2020 debacle came out his way, who counts the votes matters.

And now as a result, the tyrants of the world see another opportunity to shut down everything again in their continued push for a so-called “Great Reset.”

Within hours nations in Europe were starting to ban travel to South Africa.

Israel banned travel to all nations in the world due to the Omicron variant.

And the tyrants in the United States haven’t been far behind to latch on to this variant.

On Friday the Biden administration announced a travel ban to start Monday – Monday presumably because lots of elites were traveling from abroad over Thanksgiving.

Of course, Biden and Harris were singing a different toon not that long ago.

As the panic porn continues its worth remembering just a little research from the so-called journalistic elites would go along way to stopping the panic.

It’s also worth remembering the weird thing about this virus and all viruses is they almost always die out with less strength over time. 

So why is this virus getting “worse”?

Don’t count on the corporate-controlled media to investigate that.

What do you think?

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